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... I'm sorry about my post. I read it again and I didn't explain very well. ... (14 replies)
... Coq10 is an antioxident. It helps cholesterol from becoming oxidized. Cholesterol is only bad when it becomes oxidized. You might not see a change in cholesterol numbers with Coq10, which is not the reason for CoQ10. Rust is a type of oxidation. You don't want your fenders on your cars to rust from the inside out. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Fabian, First of all you have to understand that RYR is a statin, and has the same side effects..... ... (6 replies)

... Coenzyme Q10 also called ubiquinone, which means "occuring everywhere" plays and important role in the manufacture of ATP, the fuel that runs cellular processes. ... (29 replies)
... I deal with cholesterol issues and take CoQ10. My undersatnding is not that it lowers any cholesterol numbers, but that it replaces the CoQ10 our bodies lose when we are on a statin. Has to do with mitosis and production of energy in the cells. ... (6 replies)
... have a considerable amount more of education to obtain this certification. They are a real doctor, with their degree in pharmacy. They really helped my mother, and also did agree that the doubling of her diltiazem along with her statin was the cause of her condition worsening. ... (37 replies)
... hy i usually blast statins. You know what cerebellar ataxia is like. Since doctors under report statin side effects, we never know how many people are affected and how they are affected. You Coq10 is probably the best thing you could do. Dr DiMauro, and ataxia expert at cornell... ... (8 replies)
... it was fortunately only mild and caught very quickly. ... (7 replies)
... you hit on an interesting point. You mentioned that people had low cholesterol from cancer or organ breakdown as it starves the body. ... (40 replies)
... from Cornell, and a director at the ALS center...he suggested 300mg. 600 if you were suffering problems from the statin, as well as getting off of them. ... (6 replies)
... done some research there. Actually I did a bit myself but just today found an article that mentioned something about "statins depleating the body of the enzyme CoQ10 which can then cause "myopathy" and they suspect "cellebellar ataxia" among other things. This enzyme is especially needed for the heart which is a muscle. ... (8 replies)
... CoQ10 is taken with red yeast rice because the RYR lowers the coQ10 in the body. Red Yeast Rice lowers the cholesterol. ... (3 replies)
... I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the relationship between CoQ10 and statins. There's not even a question that statins have the potential to deplete reserves of CoQ10 in a matter of weeks. ... (25 replies)
... s own CoQ10 and is better assimilated. ... (5 replies)
... her cordarone. I found on the FDA medwatch that cordarone should be a drug of LAST resort. It also says the per the FDA ALL patients receiving it MUST be given and informational brochure on the medication stating the risks. ... (13 replies)
... Yes I eat red meat, also chicken and pork. ... (24 replies)
How much CoQ10 ?
May 28, 2005
... I think that unless you get your CoQ10 level tested, it's really hard to say whether you are getting enough from the dose you are taking. ... (10 replies)
... I am 47 and I am not going through any signs of the change that I am noticing. I have had muscle problems with all statins they have tried me on and took myself right off of them. I take CoQ10 and E, C and all Bs every day so they did nothing for me also... ... (27 replies)
... which is an essential nutrient for heart strength and function. ... (3 replies)
... Does coq10 help lower cholesterol? ... (3 replies)

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