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... My liver overproduces cholestrol. If I maintain a low fat diet, not eating any pork, beef, eggs or any fried foods, my count was still high. Between 245 and 260. With Lipitor, Lescol or Pravachol I brought it down to 220. ... (8 replies)
... Dave, I just had to reply to your post because of all those eggs you eat, a funny thing when my husband, years ago, was found to have higher cholesterol we were told "Stop eating eggs" and so we did. ... (17 replies)
... a lot lately but I don't eat much I never order or stack my plate with more then I can eat. I usually eat Grilled Chicken and I don't fry a lot if any foods but eggs and I use Olive Oil when I cook anything. ... (16 replies)

... If you took Lipitor, your TOTAL should have easily come down well below 200..190 at least. You grouped Lipitor with Lescol and Pravachol, which are FAR less potent than Lipitor. :confused: (8 replies)
... When my mom used to eat two eggs every morning with breakfast, she never had a cholesterol problem. ... (17 replies)
Serum Cholestrol
Nov 9, 2015
... no eggs or beef eaten. ... (4 replies)
... carb diet is the way to go. I was on a religious 100 gram a day program for two years, and my numbers were unbelievably good even eating 14 eggs and a pound of sausage a week, just for breakfast. I ate lots of cheese, meat, fish, green veggies, some fruit, and tons of meat, and never counted a calorie. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Mark, I did the conversion so I could understand your results (I'm in the US). First of all, LDL cholesterol is "estimated" using a formula, so although yours is elevated, it's not your "direct" level (might be higher or lower). Triglycerides are your main problem. Elevated trig's are a result of simple carbs, such as sugar and most things white: sugar, flour, rice,... (2 replies)
... When we deprive our bodies of fat and cholesterol, our bodies compensate by making the cholesterol it needs. The brain needs cholesterol for memory and learning. So if you've experienced short term memory loss recently, statins are to blame. Just do a search on "statin side effect"..... the response is overwhelming. Statin side effects definitely include muscle aches and... (8 replies)
... For many people, foods rich in saturated (eg. fatty red meat, whole-fat dairy products) and trans fats (eg. fried food, commercial cookies/crackers, stick margarine) will raise LDL cholesterol (and/or lower HDL). Though less harmful than saturated fat, it's a good idea to also limit foods high in cholesterol (eg. shrimp, eggs, whole milk/dairy). Foods that have been... (2 replies)
... ho have a rooster that lives with them........then you can have your eggs. It takes a rooster to produce the substance within the egg that will allow you to eat eggs without the fear of cholestrol. Store bought eggs are not good for cholestrol people. ... (10 replies)
... Here are my cholestrol history and my story of high cholestorol and attempts to control. ... (1 replies)
... of the cholestrol in your bloodstream is manufactured by your own liver. And high insulin levels is one way to trigger the liver to produce more cholesterol. ... (3 replies)
... free or low fat dairy products and limit eggs to no more than 2 to 3 whole eggs per 7 day week. ... (5 replies)
... I wish your mom TONS of luck lane, but also, don't have her take something that is making her ill just to keep the drs. quiet. Trust me, I have been in that situation where 2 drs. tried to make me look like a hard to get along with patient just because I wouldn't follow their cholesterol meds. advice. My old dr. and my GI guy, have both seen how much I suffered taking them,... (24 replies)
... for pravigrad. She also has a supply of zetia. My mom thinks that the clonidine raised her cholesterol. She doesn't eat red meat, eggs or whole milk so we can't figure this out. ... (24 replies)
... So far have found warnings about Cholestrol and Gallstones. I have also read that it's rare to have a definciency. Every child does need it from growth but the amount needed comes from common foods. ... (10 replies)
High cholesterol
Feb 9, 2003
... What exactly does "eat well" mean to you? It means different things to different people. Based on your low HDL levels and high triglyceride levels, it appears that when you say "eat well" you mean a diet relatively high in carbohydrates (things like grains and potatoes) and low in animal fats. Your exercise regimen looks good, so I wouldn't change that if you enjoy it. You... (3 replies)

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