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... Somebody on another board says the flush from 1500 mg enduracin is "no worse than 500 mg. instant release." Well, that would have me in the ER! ... (19 replies)
...] I had a double by-pass a couple of years ago. When I went back to my Dr for my follow up visit two months after surgery my cholesterol had dropped from 268 to 138. My triglycerides had come down from 490 to 120. HDL and LDL were also at very healthy levels. My Dr. couldn't believe it. All I had done was add a 1/2... (0 replies)
... I've been using Enduracin for three years. My doctor does a full blood screening on me every four months. ... (19 replies)

... and Enduracin cost 8. ... (19 replies)
... this is so confusing...didnt read Parsons but according to Kowalski's "8week cholestrol cure" book enduracin almost never causes flushing and rarely if EVER causes liver changes when taken in moderate amounts.. ... (19 replies)
... ood quality product. I believe it is made by Endurance Products, the same company that I buy a pharmaceutical grade pantethene supplement from. I understand that Enduracin has been used successfully in some clinical trials. Actually, it's also quite affordable. ... (19 replies)
... he also writes that you can take less enduracin then regular niacin to achieve the same results.... and the less meds you can take and get a result is aways better.. any info would be helpful.. ... (19 replies)
... Personally I think the 500 mg enduracin will only give you a tiny LDL lowering, but everyone behaves differently. It probably won't hurt to give it a run for the money. At least the price is low! ... (19 replies)
... Niacin and cholesterol has dropped from 260 to 210. LDL has dropped from 180 to 130. I will see if he has Enduracin in his book. ... (19 replies)
... Well, I know that people here on the board think they've had success with the Inositol Hexanicotinate, but the research says it contains no free niacin, and the medical literature says it is worthless for cholesterol control. My own doctor emphasized that again the last time I saw her a couple of weeks ago. So frankly, I don't know if it works or not. I think there might be... (5 replies)
Mar 19, 2008
... or something like Enduracin. The OTC sustained release types might be as effective as Niaspan, but the data there is limited. I think Enduracin has some clinic studies behind it, at least. ... (3 replies)
... At my last physical my doctor recommended that I increase my Enduracin to 1000 mg daily. ... (3 replies)
... HDL to 70, and trigs to 83. Though those are pretty good numbers, because of family history my doctor wanted them even better, so I've since increased the Enduracin to 750 mg. ... (14 replies)
... I resisted statins too and think I may be able to go off since my numbers are so great with other things I am doing: :angel:Enduracin 1000 mg (2x 500mg) at night before bed along with 2 baby aspirin-- the aspirin I take because I had 2 heart attacks--from stress (grief, both after deaths of close ones--yes it does happen), my cholesterol was never really high, but now I must... (12 replies)
... I've made it plain on these boards that I believe the doctors totally over-react to mild elevation of cholesterol for a lot of people. But your numbers are BAD! Your last blood test showed a TC/HDL risk ratio of 6.4. That, together with your family history, could spell trouble. You didn't say what "watching what you eat" means to you. If you are already minimizing... (7 replies)
Help with HDL
Nov 11, 2005
... A non-fasting triglyceride level can be as much as ten times higher than a fasting level. The other numbers might be influenced, too, but not by nearly as much. You have a risky ratio of HDL to total cholesterol. Following the advice by heart 44 should help. For more details about the cinnamon, you might want to do a search for "cinnamon" on THIS board. I think there may... (11 replies)
... I guess you are right about that, though the only thing wrong with your 2/24/09 numbers was the HDL. Did you try to increase that by (1) increasing exercise? (2) having a glass of wine a day, if female, or up to two glasses a day, if male? (3) having an egg a day? Maybe you already tried those. I won't argue with your choice to try Niaspan if you really couldn't get the... (13 replies)
... t six weeks while the doc and I try to sort out some intestinal problems I've been having, but as soon as I get this problem solved, I expect I'll go back on the Enduracin again. I was taking 750 mg daily in a divided dose with meals. ... (3 replies)
... Babydog, The particular kind of niacin you take pretty much depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, for raising HDL levels, using an immediate-release niacin may work best. I've been using over-the-counter immediate-release niacin (250mg taken 4 times a day) for nearly twenty years. The last time I had my cholesterol checked my HDL was up to 107. Of... (29 replies)
... The research on Enduracin at both the U. of Minn. and Harvard shows a high level of safety. Nonetheless, I believe in being cautious, so I do have my liver enzymes checked. ... (15 replies)

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