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... Thanx Dave Mc. Your so right, we have to try a little at a time to see what works for each of us. Hubby was on Lipitor for almost 7 years after his atery cleaning.Seeing he was on meds. for other problems. ... (6 replies)
... after reading up on everything I would of went the healthy route if he said "quit eating this and take these vitamins and exercise more and if you get a high test in 6months we go the statin route"!! ... (15 replies)
... Cholestoff, in addition to plant sterols, has a lot of other ingredients I wouldn't want to ingest. I take Nature's Plus Red Yeast Rice for my LDL. ... (2 replies)

... I can only speak of my own personal experience. ... (6 replies)
HATS study
Mar 23, 2006
... really can't remember how I stumbled across this board, but I'm glad I did. But I quickly jumped right in and started posting, and almost immediately I ended up getting into a series of heated exchanges with a couple of people. ... (10 replies)
... Like I told my girlfriend, at the rate most of us are going with research and coming to sites like this with questions, and sometimes getting mighty great answers, we should be charging them!! ... (34 replies)
... Thanks for the responses. As I understand it, Lipitor will help control your lipid levels, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are out of the woods. Diet, exercise, etc. are important parts of the overall picture, as we all know. ... (17 replies)
... dekko....Yup, U need to try and change quite a few things. As far as your diet, that has alot of work to be done. Instead of a cookie in the morning with your coffee, why not dry a piece of whole wheat toast. ... (7 replies)
... I posted a couple of days ago concerning this but it seems like either the title wasn't provocative enough or the thread got overlooked. So I'm kind of reposting with a more URGENT sounding title, hoping that someone might help answer some of my questions... ... (9 replies)
Apr 6, 2004
... I also begin taking 1000mg of Fish Oil per day. I look foward to my second blood test to affirm that all of these measures are helping. ... (0 replies)
... and heart disease in other family memers. Was on 20 mg lipitor that was working pretty good, but Dr. took me off as tests indicated that muscle pain would be a problem. ... (6 replies)
High cholesterol
Oct 29, 2001
... the dr. NO MORE, which sent him into a fit, but noticed I had severe lower back, leg and knee pains, especially right side. I couldn't make it up a small flight of stairs without using the railing! ... (7 replies)
To jj
Sep 11, 2001
... without feeling like he is walking on golf balls. Like U he has tried just about everything and has given up. His cardiologist told him he thinks he is just one of those that these meds. do not agree with, so that is why he let him stay off. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks so much Jen. That's very helpful advice. I believe I will try the alternatives. Hopefully that will allow me to get off the statin. ... (5 replies)
... I have been going to PT since April and using the Anodyne. It took several months but I am getting some feeling, nothing to jump up and cheer about yet but I can feel where he is touching my feet. I can also feel the ground when walking. ... (29 replies)
... years and have now been off it for about a year. With your health history, I can fully understand doing all you can to reduce your cholesterol. ... (18 replies)
... and more people are reporting side effects. I was very surprised he actually said that although they do bring down the cholesterol numbers, the risk factors are getting more and more obvious, and drs. need to take more precautions on prescribing them. ... (7 replies)
Made up my mine!
Mar 19, 2001
... I'm not so sure that Niaspan is any less invasive than the statins. I know the side effects of niaspan can be bad. Anyway,that is only for triglycerides, isn't it. ... (10 replies)
... So, you are getting close to 'crossing the line of 'optimisation' with all three ratios'. ... (6 replies)
... tarted cutting way back on fat, which, in turn, upped my carbs. From my "results" and what I've read here, I'm beginning to realize that upping the carbs in lieu of fats was a bad idea. ... (1 replies)

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