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... Hi Smits... No hubby has had no problems with his meds that we know of anyway. Like I said, nothing seemed to annoy him at all till he started the statins, then the fun began. ... (22 replies)
... Thanks for this info. My doctor, a woman, has just prescribed generic Zoloft, but according to my precautionary search results, it causes a terrible b.o., lasting at least 10 mo. of not taking it, and a newsletter says a whole list of 11 Statins are all dangerous, cause muscle weakness/pain, kidney damage, eye damage, etc., etc. And, the lab cholesterol report changed... (4 replies)
... I wantedto just get off of them but my Dr. said he didn't think the statins caused my muscle pain....getting older. I'm 53, 6' 2" and about 198 pounds, do not smoke. ... (6 replies)

... I was on Lipitor in 2000 for about 3 months when I noticed nasty GI problems, but the dr. thought it was a bug, but it kept getting worse. Finally he told me to stop the Lipitor for awhile and things got better. After another month he put me on Baycol, that is when everything went nuts. ... (95 replies)
... tsp. of cinnamon each day. ... (8 replies)
... I'm glad things have improved so much for you, it just boggles the mind what some of these meds. can do to you. As far as the "lunches", trust me, I know what your talking about. ... (46 replies)
... my statins gave me muscle pain, so my doctor put me on Cliniril, an arthritis med. ... (46 replies)
... If you are on a statin now and go off your numbers will probably go up, but with a good diet and exercise program you can get them back down. ... (5 replies)
... My girlfriend's husband had that same reaction and it scared her half to death. He was getting so forgetful it was unreal. She told the dr. and he schruged it off as just too much on his mind. She went for a second opinion and that dr. told her to get him off of it NOW! ... (2 replies)
... our muscle problems. That is very encouraging. I was having weakness and pain in one arm and both hips. My arm is back to normal and I notice that my hips are getting better with each passing week. ... (27 replies)
... Lulubells, I have not seen the news report that you mentioned. I took myself off Lipitor about 8 weeks ago because I started having some isolated muscle problems, mainly in my hips. ... (27 replies)
I need help!
Dec 16, 2006
... There are also MILLIONS of people who smoked all their lives and never got cancer. The tobacco companies keep reminding us this. Does it make smoking an acceptable risk? ... (8 replies)
... And a PSA of 0. ... (4 replies)
... that included myopathy as a side effect of Zetia. ... (41 replies)
... ce here. Anyway, my cholesterol was 264 and while I do not recall the other numbers, they were all bad. After six weeks on lipitor, I'm at a total cholesterol of 168, HDL is 46, LDL is 98 and Triglycerides are 119. ... (9 replies)
... n. I will ask his cardio man about it, as who knows, it just might help some. From what I have learned, drs. are suppose to inform their patients that are taking statins that this CoQ10 should be taken also? ... (58 replies)
... My doctor jokingly thought I had eaten a tub of butter before the blood draw. ... (0 replies)
Jul 17, 2006
... ople get these side effects. As one lady put it when they said the muscle problems are rare and only affect 1 in thousands...she said, "how come in my small town of 10,000 all of those people with side effects decided to live here? ... (7 replies)
... tunately, most doctors don't seem to interested in natural approaches to health, before resorting to prescribing powerful drugs. Merk Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Zocor, even suggests that a cholesterol lowering diet be given to a patient before prescribing their drug. ... (42 replies)
... I guess I am one of those who will never be convinced that eggs are bad for you. I have heard of children who are ADD or ADHD who have completely gone of their meds like Ritalin just by eating 2 eggs every morning. ... (42 replies)

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