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... control with meds. and he seemed fine. Like I said, since the Statins, everyone here is falling apart. I don't know how he even stood them for as long as he did. Of course he assumed his aches and pains, plus tiredness was due to his other problems until we started getting informed on these Statins. ... (4 replies)
New to board
Jul 12, 2001
... Kellie..the test is routine when you are on any of the statins drugs, like Lipitor..Baycol..Tricor etc., but I definitely would ask why U are on 2 at the same time. I know the Tricor is mostly for the Trigs. ... (18 replies)
... Thank you for the reply my doctor did say she will want me on statins if its high and would rather i didnt try naturally as im at risk. When I had high cholesterol in 2010 i worked really hard to get it from 7.1 down to 4. ... (3 replies)

... prescribed beta blockers and Niacin because the benefits far outweigh the risks. Strangely, Niacin can raise glucose levels yet it improves insulin sensitivity. Getting back to the posting, Most statins at high doses will effect sex drive and sexual function. ... (27 replies)
... I've been complaining about this for a year now. Never found anyone who responded, I also never found anyone else with this side effect. I knew it was the statins because it started 3 weeks after I started Lipitor, and every time I went off it, it stopped after a week or so. ... (1 replies)
... Not only am I sick of the guidelines they change for everything so often, I am VERY sick of the med. ads on tv, enough already. ... (7 replies)
... diabetes. I see what he goes thru and it breaks my heart, as many nites if he doesn't take his meds. to kill the pain early, he is up half the nite. His feet are getting so numb, he can step on things and not even realize it, or U can step on his feet and he will never feel it, such a shame. ... (23 replies)
... But, I've put together an amazing set of links to other peoples sites. Scary set of links. I got my last name as URL years ago! Just didn't do much with it until recently. ... (23 replies)
... regimen... For a while I thought the pain and weakness were permanent, and that I would be a relative invalid the rest of my life. I took myself off both drugs immediately and have never looked back... ... (13 replies)
... and supplement that with 20mg of policosanol. This combo has worked great for me. ... (44 replies)
... Hi JJ, These days have been hard for you and your hubby, sure hope things get better soon, I was glad to see by your post that he is off the Prednisone that drug scares me, I know it works wonders on certain health problems but I hate to hear that anyone takes it for very long. ... (43 replies)
... fat. Over time Ornish has modified that slightly to include 3 grams of fish oil per day, or alternatively a mix of fish oil and flax for women. ... (24 replies)
... ying to get it low, but still think these really low numbers are too low. JMHO Seeing your mom passed at an early age from heart disease, U have a family history of heart problems. I'm also very sorry to hear U lost her at such a young age. ... (25 replies)
... No problem finres, my brain has been on overload, so I wasn't remembering what I did or did not post. LOL Oh Lordy, tuff getting old. His dr. did call today, she is good like that, and his blood tests were pretty good. ... (43 replies)
... aceuticals have a stranglehold on the medical profession and have brainwashed the public into thinking they are sick and need to take expensive meds for the rest of their life to survive. Virtually no doctors are informed or knowledgeable about the true risks and side effects of these drugs they are putting people on. ... (25 replies)
Still undecided!
Mar 16, 2001
... Boy U hit the nail right on the head. I also have been fighting off a rotten cold for weeks, with alot of muscle pains in my legs, lower back and knees. All I got was, give it some time. ... (14 replies)
... Your right JB. Once you have experienced those side effects, you know when to STOP! Of course being ignorant of these drugs myself, I just kept getting the run around from the dr. I am no stranger to pain, as I have 3 kids, but would go through childbirth before doing Statins again. ... (8 replies)
... OH ! The wonders of Statin meds ! ... (9 replies)
... Well, I guess I'm not part of "everybody. ... (27 replies)
... Hard to believe, perhaps, but the top health concern of millions of Americans is about to be trumped by what doctors say is an even bigger trigger of heart attacks. ... (7 replies)

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