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... Kelly, some folks like myself do have those side effects. After the second month on 10 mgs. of Lipitor, I had very bad GI problems, and yes, tons of gas as well as severe diarrhea. Dr. ... (3 replies)
... I've read the studies, but as I stated before, know way too many who dropped them due to lousy side effects. Yes, most folks who visit these boards are usually the folks who have had problems and are seeking advice as how to lower their numbers without statins. ... (28 replies)
... Here I am with my on again off again love hate relationship with lipitor. It's more hate than love believe me.. after being off it for 2 years my cholesterol is back up and I had to go back on it. So the drama starts.. within a week my hair is fried.. literally it looks like it's burnt. ... (3 replies)

... According to the studies I've read, the majority do not experience negative side effects from statin use. ... (28 replies)
... I believe you misunderstood me. What I meant was, I believe that there were many people who had taken statins, developed side-effects, but stopped taking them before any actual damage occurred. Perhaps I should have used the word fortunate instead. But if anyone experiences side-effects, such as muscle pains and weakness from the use of these drugs, I think it would be pretty... (28 replies)
... Well, there are many who've taken statins for many years and have not developed side effects. Is this being lucky? ... (28 replies)
... The problem with the adverse side effect reporting in the U.S. is that it is totally voluntary. How many doctors or patients know how to or bother to report? ... (28 replies)
... Thanks for that post!!! Now I understand why it took over 8 months off meds before I noticed ANY improvement in my serious muscle pain and profound weakness after combined Lipitor and Tricor therapy. ... (28 replies)
... MG, I strongly disagree with your logic and conclusion, but to each his own. By the way, there really is no need to drop names like 'conspiracy theories' to try to discredit the other side.... HubbleRules :cool: (28 replies)
... reporting" is taking place, then the percentage of those experiencing side effects should be increased to account for this "correction". ... (28 replies)
... I agree. And I'd like to see the statistics reported by the U.K. compared to what we actually report. (28 replies)
... Granted, the majority of patients who are taking statins aren't having problems. Well, not yet anyway. But in any case, although it's impossible to prove, I suspect that the frequency of side-effects are generally much higher than what is actually reported. If a person is diagnosed with a problem which can be traced to the use of statins, he or she becomes a statistic, because... (28 replies)
... n use. I don't care if statins are used or not. It doesn't make a difference to me either way. But until the studies prove that the majority of statin users have side effects, I will believe otherwise. ... (28 replies)
... That doesn't mean that the side effects will go away that quickly. It could be day, weeks, months, or NEVER. It takes 6 months for mitochondria to turnover. ... (28 replies)
... induced side effect. ... (17 replies)
... To tell the truth, if I was a doctor and had a patient that needed cholesterol control I would never be able to prescribe this junk. Some of these side effects can be absolutely devastating. Especially lipitor, baycol and zocor since they are so strong. ... (6 replies)
... bsm955, those doctors are clueless about what this stuff does to our bodies and the don't want to know. I have been off of it going on 2 years and I am still suffering. That stuff has poisoned my body and is still doing damage that I am betting I will have to live with the rest of my life. ... (14 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Feb 7, 2001
... and have been on 20 mg. of Lipitor since then. Everything seemed to be going alright,no side effects, my cholesterol numbers were down from 265 to 210 and I was able to resume my enjoyment for running. ... (33 replies)
... I was on Lipitor for nearly 3 years. From what I know and have heard, the side effects linger a lot lot longer than 2 weeks. It could be a placebo effect if your pain goes away in a matter of hours after going off statins. ... (24 replies)
... I know what U folks are going thru, as my husband has severe neuropathy in his feet, legs and is now spreading to his hands. He was on Lipitor for almost 7 yrs., kept getting all sorts of pains and aches, pulled muscles etc. etc. We never questioned the statins till they put me on them in 2000. ... (19 replies)

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