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... He does have a simivestan perscription, that he takes about 10mg every couple days, but I did not think that could increase HDL anyway? ... (8 replies)
Hdl 26...
Mar 24, 2005
... Since you mentioned diet/weight loss already, I can't give you that line (it is my favorite though, since I once had HDL in the 25-30 mg/dL range, and now have it in the 60-70 mg/dL range). Other things to try: Fish oil (epa) will interfere with CETP to lower TG and elevate HDL (as donsabi wrote) will moderate alcohol consumption does the cardio exercise ... (2 replies)
Hdl 26...
Mar 24, 2005
... My HDL would not go above 28 no matter what medication I was on. ... (2 replies)

... He is already thin, waist is 32 inches. He rarely eats hydronated stuff. Mono saturated is basically Olive oil, right? We do use that , but others also. Jobs requires walking here and there, but it is not enough to get the heart racing, so I guess 20 minutes of rigorous exercise is due. Last Oct his HDL was 46, I just do not see that he is doing anything differnt now... (8 replies)
... The usual non-drug ways to increase HDL: * Increase exercise (how much exercise does his job require?). * Lose body fat (is he already lean and muscular, or does he have a large soft belly despite being non-overweight?). * Avoid all trans fats from hydrogenated oils. * Replace polyunsaturated fats with monounsaturated fats. * Note: saturated fats may raise HDL, but also... (8 replies)
Hdl 26...
Mar 23, 2005
... My HDL has been under 30 for five consecutive blood tests. I'm currently taking 1000 mg of Advicor which raised it to 33 once. ... (2 replies)
... Alcohol is a two edged sword; small amounts are supposed to be good for raising HDL, but alcohol also raises triglycerides. (8 replies)
... He was doing this specifically FOR helping his cholesterol, we thought that was good for HDL ! ... (8 replies)
... With high triglycerides, he may want to back off on the sugar and alcohol consumption, in addition to other diet/exercise suggestions for LDL and HDL. (8 replies)
... I just got results from Blood test today, his HDL was 39 (Still low) 7 months ago it was 46, His # was 248 , his LDL 160 and his Tri's 214, His ratio was 6.4 (better than 7.1) but still bad. These results are from hardly taking any statins, and eating decently, 7 months ago, he was taking maybe 3 statins , a week and not eating as good. So go figure. I guess back to the... (8 replies)
... He should have a repeat blood test by an MD to evaluate his numbers and take further action or other testing if necessary. I find it hard to believe that his HDL can drop over 15 points in such a short period of time. ... (8 replies)
... He could also try flush niacin. It works well to raise HDL. You have to start very slow and ramp up. (8 replies)
... Test my Total cholesterol was 264, Trigs 136, HDL 49, Calculated LDL 188, Risk ration 3.83. ... (10 replies)
... hello just wanted to share about my hdl when i was 26. just went to the doc for my knee so did test. also he said to test my cholesterol and shocking my hdl was 22, so he told me to excersice eat good and we will see in three months. so after 3 months it was 26 but not much. ... (3 replies)
Hdl problem
Aug 26, 2014
... week before it was normal. The last Lipid I did was in 2011, it was Total Cholestrol 170, HDL 43, LDL 130, Triglyceride 90, in 2010 it was Total Cholestrol 165, HDL 34, LDL 110, Triglyceride 108, in 2009, it was Total Cholestrol 156, HDL 29, LDL 120, Triglyceride 110. ... (0 replies)
... on feb 26 my cholesterol was tc=171 hdl=26 trgs=182 ldl=109 non-hdl=145 tc/hdl=6.7 and glucose=80 but and ac1 test = 5.4 this was only a 6 hour fast not a 12to 14 like i usually do . so doc took me of 500mg niaspan and put me on lovaza and vytorin 10/40 !! does anyone know if these drugs interact with each other ? i wanna know about the side effects together. i was on... (4 replies)
Posting my numbers
Mar 13, 2001
... Nov 1998 TC 228 HDL 39 Ratio 5. ... (0 replies)
... Beware of those tests at a health fair, the Blood test at the LAB is the only thing reliable, example, husband was told his HDL was 26, scared me to death , they had his ratio at 7. ... (12 replies)
... the Physicians assistant has labeled me with Pure hypercholesterolemia - (icd 272.0) Result of lab work 11/14/03 at 0835 cholesterol*ne 205 triglyceride*ne 281 HDL cholesterol*n 16 LDL*ne 133 (5 replies)
... This is not a true statement at all. Niacin lowered my LDL, Triglicerides, and Tot-C 50%, and raised my HDL 26%... And Niaspan (niacin) has been the only medication in my 16 years of taking cholesterol lowering medications that has brought my cholesterol numbers into the "normal" range... something statins never came close to doing. Also, niacin has been proven time... (6 replies)

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