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... tc 287 hdl 65, ldl 187 trigs 149 . ... (12 replies)
... While it was my insurance company that made the "bean counter" decision to change statins, I am very glad to get off of Lipitor. The muscle aches are the main problem. At first in the legs,now arms, back and even chest. It seems the cold weather even makes it more noticable. I will say this for Lipitor, my numbers are down: Total-154 HDL-46 LDL-82 Trigly.-130 Is this... (6 replies)
... I think your "nurse" had one too many drinks for Xmas. LOL Your numbers are great, and the VLDL is very low density level, and your's is just fine. Go relax, maybe she will sober up tomorrow...... :D (7 replies)

... My nurse called & told me that I was at a "high risk for cardiac problems" due to my #'s can someone explain? VLDL 11 (have no idea what that is) Tri. 53 LDL-M 129 HDL 93 cholesterol 197 cardiac risk 2.12 I really appreciate any answers since I have lost 30lbs in the last 4 months & walk at 4.0mph on treadmill 6... (7 replies)
... Hi Goldenboys, I recall your post about pain in you elbow joint and whether it could be related to the Zocor. Did this pain go away and are you doing OK with the Zocor otherwise? (11 replies)
... Hi babydog...don't know if this will help but here's my story...I am 53 going through meno and for 2 years have had terrible hot flashes... ... (11 replies)
... Best of luck Running Guy!!! I ordered mine last night from Puritan (the nearest Walmart is 1/2 hour drive for me, and with my schedule, that's not easy to do....)... I have my next cholesterol test on May 4th - I'm curious if taking it for a few weeks will have a noticeable imapact. But again, if you go to the company web site (it's easy to find), you discover the theory... (17 replies)
... I picked up some Ester E at wmart today. I'm going to try this stuff. I went on red yeast rice about a month ago and my LDL is in the low 90s while my HDL is in the high 70s. My total C is about 180. ... (17 replies)
... If we aren't confused enough about the cholesterol information available to us, here is another study which may add some additional confusion. I wasn't able to find what levels of cholesterol were included in the "lowest quartile." Please note that this relates to all-cause mortality, not just CHD. ________________________________________ Nicole Schupf, PhD, Rosann Costa,... (5 replies)
... dmwojnar - are you taking any meds for to lower your ldl? i do take a fair amount of fiber but diet does not seem to make much difference in my case. i have inreased exercise and it has lowered my tg and increased my hdl to 53. larry (19 replies)
... As I expected, my LDL went down from 123 to 110. HDL went up from 59 to 65, Total down from 193 to 186. My Trigs. are now 53. This seems very low to me. ... (7 replies)
New member
Jan 19, 2005
... smelling gas. I am an otherwise very healthy 53 year old female. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, sorry its been a while here. Been visiting the thyroid boards. I realize most everyone hear has high cholesterol but I have a concern to see if any one has heard about low cholesterol. I was just put on Thyroid medication for hypothyroidism which is generally associated with high cholesterol. Apparently thyroid meds can help lower cholesterol levels by regulating the... (2 replies)
... Thank you very much for the great news Arizona73!!! I have one other question. I noticed on the report that there is a "within range" colum and an "outside range" colum. Also, there is a "reference range" colum. All the numbers that I listed was in the outside range colum. For example: listed under the "outside range" colum the HDL number is 90 and next to that number... (9 replies)
... I have also taken reliv the product for two months straight daily and two days ago I had cholestrol check and its hdl 23 and high number 149 with ratio being 8. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you very much for your replies everyone! I have the fax and the numbers are as follows: HDL 90 LDL 129 Triglycerides 53 I am not sure how all they came up with the figure of 229. When I add them up, they don't equal that figure. (9 replies)
Am I in trouble?
May 1, 2004
... But I just had my cholesterol checked and it came back as 246. My HDL is 53 but my LDL is 169, from what my doctor told me. My doctor said I'm not at any risk, since I'm young and healthy, but it's a good idea to lower it now. ... (9 replies)
... Well, for eight months I tried the "natural" route to lower my cholesterol. Now that fairy tale is over for me. :( Doc said that I MUST go back on meds. I was trying to stay off of them because of muscle pains, etc. But now I have a prescription for Zetia 10mg. I haven't started them yet, will start today. I wanted to wait till the weekend cause I guess there are a lot... (3 replies)
Aug 31, 2003
... Hello Arizona, Thanks for your concern. My latest blood chemistry is as follows: 53 y old/wm TC=185 HDL=61 LDL=111 Tri=64 (42 replies)
New Numbers
Aug 14, 2003
... I just got my recent lab report back: Cholesterol 218 Triglycerides 53 HDL 84 LDL 123 Any thoughts? I saw a program on TV recently. They said recent research now indicates that LDL should be below 100. Is this (my 123) problematic? Peregrine (7 replies)

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