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... Lets reverse that.. I think your healthier with a total chol. of 200 and an HDL of 60, as opposed to a total of 150 and an HDL of 30. ... (11 replies)
... Note that these levels give a total of 135 mg/dl (60 + 60 + 60/5) and a total / HDL ratio of 2.25. People in rural China reportedly have total cholesterol average around that range. Given their high level of physical exercise (manual labor doing farming and other work) and low levels of body fat, it would not be surprising if their HDL / LDL / VLDL breakdown were similar... (11 replies)
... goal LDL 60 HDL 60 TG 60. To me this seems really low. But in his defense these numbers are based on what he has seen produce positive results based on heartscan score. ... (18 replies)

... On the other hand, HDL, LDL, and TG all around 60 or better may well be typical for rural poor in places like China, where heart disease is rare compared to suburban US. ... (7 replies)
... Somehow, I doubt that the rural poor in China do the above consciously to improve their blood lipid levels. Though their exercise raises HDL (what people often take niacin for), they like fish (even if they don't get to eat it as much as they like), and they get vitamin D from sunlight while working in the fields. They do eat a lot of staple grain products (wheat in the... (7 replies)
... Dr. Davis, a cardiologist who uses calcium scoring to measure plaque, has used the 60-60-60 levels for many of his patients. Niacin, fish oil, normalizing vitamin D levels and elimination of wheat products gets many of his patients to this level. (7 replies)
... The 60-60-60 levels are optimal, especially if you have diagnosed coronary disease. Plaque reduction is possible once you get to these levels. It doesn't mean you have to get to those numbers, or you are doomed, but ideally.. yeah, that's what to shoot for. And vitamin D testing is extremely important. I'd also throw in thyroid testing too... it can negatively affect... (7 replies)
... This is the cholesterol guideline to live by according to many leading experts, Especially the Cardio-CT Scan experts. These levels avoid plaque and Calcium build-up in arteries and prevent all forms of heart disease and Strokes. Any levels higher than these put everyone at risk for future cardiac events. If they saw my latest cholesterol levels they would probably through me... (7 replies)
My results
Jun 30, 2015
... Thanks for your reply and encouraging words Yack. I do need to do some work to improve my LDL. As you said, it is not 'elevated' but it is not a perfect or ideal number so I will work on that. Please see below and help me understand if you see any trends. My tri is kind of erratic. Not sure if you can make any sense out of this but I couldn't put this in here in an excel... (4 replies)
... Been taking omega 3,6,9 gels 1,000mg every night for the past 6 months but the HDL isn't improving much. ... (4 replies)
HDL - too high?
Jan 29, 2004
... Your lipid profile is stellar. The nurse is confused; the greatest beneficial category is the over 60 mg/dL HDL-C, which you are a part of :blob_fire In edit: I realized something else thinking about what you posted. Your nurse probably examined the reference range for normal values (40-59 mg/dL). I get flagged everytime my HDL is 60 or higher too (which unfortunately... (4 replies)
... I have noticed that there seems to be a connection between TGs and HDL levels. ... (15 replies)
... boost my HDL. I have been on 1,000mg for over a month now. I hope by this coming February when I have my next test that I will have an improvement. Right now my HDL is at 42 as of last August. My Doctor would like to see me back at 55 were I was a year ago and ideally in the 60's. But I doubt that my HDL will reach 60. ... (2 replies)
... These are my results that calculator gave me: NCEP ATP III Recommendation No drug therapy is recommended as LDL-C <190 mg/dL (4.91 mmol/L) Treatment goal is LDL-C <160 mg/dL (<2.59 mmol/L) If triglycerides level is >200 mg/dl (>2.26 mmol/L) when LDL-C target is achieved, secondary goal for non-HDL-C (total minus HDL cholesterol) is <190 mg/dL (<4.91... (8 replies)
May 23, 2004
... My experience with fish oil (I take it daily..2.4 gms liquid) only showed signifiant triglyceride lowering (from 187 to 100) with NO effect on my HDL at all (60 before starting and still holding at 60). (9 replies)
... Your HDL numbers look pretty good, like the others said. My HDL was around 60, but my BIG problem is my triglyceride numbers. Terribly high. So I too have been taking fish oil. ... (7 replies)
... HDL ratio, which is 4.23. 6 months ago it was 3.77. So despite my lower overall chol, my HDL has gone done, thereby increasing my ratio. ... (6 replies)
... I am battling to get my HDL cholesterol up. ... (10 replies)
... ears and it has kept me off of taking any prescription statins. I am currently on 1,000mg immediate release Niacin at bed time to help boost my HDL. Right now my HDL is at 42. My LDL is at 75 and Trig are at 83. I also take fish oil daily. If I may ask how many mg of Vitamin C do you take a day? ... (35 replies)
... udied as far as I'm aware but is based on the observation of a cardiologist. He started testing vitamin D3 levels of his patients after noticing seasonal dips in HDL levels. ... (2 replies)

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