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... If you have no problem with encroaching alcoholism, I will bet my bottom dollar that you will get a very large boost in HDL with 12 ounces of red wine per DAY...every day. ... (6 replies)
... Well, I think the evidence that HDL is protective is obvious, based on mountains of statistics involving real human case studies. ... (35 replies)
... Numbers as of August 27th Total 258 LDL 177 HDL 67 Trig 72 Cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.9 Numbers today Total 206 HDL 60 (20 replies)

May 21, 2004
... Long term aerobic least 30 min/day.. will raise your HDL, but it may take at least 6 months. I raised mine from 40 to 60. (9 replies)
Low HDL ?
Feb 26, 2002
... Eating lots of fruits, particulary apples with the skin and oranges will get your HDL up. Also make sure you workout a lot to get your HDL up. MY HDL is 80 because I workout 5 days a week for 60 mins. each. ... (8 replies)
... PRINT THIS OUT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU TO YOUR NEXT DOCTOR APPOINTMENT!! To Answer that commonly asked question, "How do my cholesterol numbers look?" below is a copy of the NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Program)treatement guidelines. Doctors looked at large studies of tens of thousands of people treated and not-treated with drug therapy and studied the frequency of... (4 replies)
My results
Jun 29, 2015
... Here are my results: Total 198 HDL 60 Triglycerides 99 LDL 118 Almost same results for 6 years in a row now for my total (lowest 198 and highest 201). My LDL has gone up from 101 in 2009 to 118 in 2015. My triglycerides started out at 149 and have been going down steadily and now they are at 99. My HDL has been 60 - 65 all along. I have not done any drastic changes... (4 replies)
... Diet and Lifestyle modifications dramatically lowered both my blood pressure and my cholesterol. Prior to my going on a very healthy diet, my average daily blood pressure was very high and unhealthy. From 1998 through 2004, my blood pressure averaged 147/93, based on almost 15,000 readings. My heart failure and my health continued to deteriorate during those years,... (23 replies)
... i've heard with everything i'm sure you have to look at more than just the numbers. i would think you were much healthier with a total chol of 150 and hdl of 60 vs a total chol of 200 and an hdl of 30. i think that's why the ratios are important. ... (11 replies)
... TChdl is is 3.0. i gain weight when my husband got sick with lung cancer and then one year ago coming up Nov. he pass. lost about 20 lbs. i go to the gym. im 60 years young. haha im eating fish and chicken. and this week will start taking krill fish oil. been taking fish oil. dont want to go on meds. unless i have to. ... (12 replies)
... I'm not sure if fasting affects ldl/hdl numbers much or not, but for triglycerides I was told that fasting matters. Ask for a lipoprotein test, which will show particle sizes, and also ask for a c-reactive protein and homocysteine test, and go from there. If your LDL is actually 255 via a VAP/NMR test, and primarily small particles, I'd go the medication route, and also... (13 replies)
... Recently had my blood work done and don't understand all the results, here are my numbers: *it should be noted that I took myself off Lipitor in 9/07 to see how it would affect my numbers, the gross numbers did increase, the first numbers are the January '08 test, the numbers (x) are from a 11/06 test. ... (0 replies)
I did it!!!
Oct 30, 2007
... Congratulations! I am so happy for you :) Thank you for sharing your success story with us. You give those of us who believe that diet and exercise CAN work hope. Many people on this message board say that diet and excercise won't do enough, but you have proved that for some people it can. I hope I am one of those people. In my heart, I believe I am, but we will see what... (17 replies)
I did it!!!
Oct 30, 2007
... I was SO excited and surprised. The only thing is, my HDL went down. Anyone know how or why? ... (17 replies)
... ie! We are very simular. I just turned 48 and I weigh 158, but I have been near 170 at times. Had my Cholesterol checked last week. Total was 228....LDL 114, HDL 59, Tri 277. Yikes! I've had trouble with those darn Tri. in the past, one time as high as 299. ... (1 replies)
High Hdl??
Oct 8, 2006
... It tells my my HDL is high but how do I bring that down. I have searched the web and all I find is how to raise it. Also my Triclycerieds are in the LOW end of nromal...... ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for the quick reply, Lenin. I really appreciate it When I was on the Xenical, I took it as directed, but I was also in an era of focused weight loss (right before my wedding) and I was eating a little more virtuously than usual. (I was on a hybrid Atkins/Zone/low-carb approach to eating and I suspected that the Xenical would help off-set all the fat in the extra... (3 replies)
Blood test Update
Oct 23, 2005
... for about 6 years, then discontinued due to probable side effects. I resumed treatment two years later when my Total cholesterol was 250 and LDL was around 155, HDL 60 and trigs 180. I'm happy to say my total now is 158..LDL is 69, HDL 72 and trigs 86. ... (14 replies)
... I'm sure the AMA wouldn't like to hear this but the thing I found that raises my HDL to actual GOOD levels is COPIOUS booze. I get readings in the 20's with Nothing. Lipitor gets me into the mid 30's. Adding 500 mg. ... (13 replies)
Sep 27, 2004
... If I can alleviate Metabolic Syndrome, I might put off developing type II, and experience some of the gains in HDL from exercise that I never did before. ... (7 replies)

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