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... as in lower than that increases your risk of CVD. Higher than 60 is considered protective against CVD. ... (13 replies)
... I was taking 40 mg Zocor, but about 3 months ago I decided to cut the pills in half and see the results. There was little difference except for a drop in HDL. 3/16/04 Total 181 LDL 98 HDL 69 Trig 72 Alt 11 (0 replies)
... I'll try to be concise while still giving necessary info. I'm a 51 yr old woman, weight 155. I went in for some tests a few months ago because of irregular hearbeats (These episodes last for hours and cause shortness of breath) EKG was fine. I had never had cholesterol checked before. Here are the Initial results: Total cholesterol: 351 HDL: 60 LDL: NA Triglycerides:... (5 replies)

... You won't necessarily get the full benefit to HDL without doing cardio most days of the week. ... (12 replies)
... My TC was 230... I don't know what the LDH or HDL was. At the time the doctor just said to "watch it". I did loose 20 lbs and started excercising and eating better. Two years later the TC was 189. ... (10 replies)
HDL 25
Jul 14, 2003
... Ok, I've been making some headway on my numbers... when I first discovered this problem they were: TC 255 HDL 25 Trig 570 I am 33, male, and weigh 192 (I'm 6'1"). Mom and Dad both have always had bad numbers, but neither have had any heart problems and both are in their 60's. I have started exercising 3x per week mainly cardio work, and in about 6 weeks and 20... (6 replies)
... Brand new to these boards. I have inherited high cholesterol.. lucky me! I've known about my situation for many years, but only began to really worry after seeing a dermatologist for xanthoma (fatty deposits under my eyes).. she freaked out, and told me to run, not walk to a cardiologist. My numbers then were: Total: 276 LDL: 176 HDL: 60 Trig: 192 I went to a... (14 replies)
Raising HDL
May 30, 2001
... My numbers are good (HDL 45, LDL 89, Trig 140), but I really want to raise the HDL to at least the high 50s - any suggestions? I do aerobics at least 45-60 min daily. There is a family history of heart disease and I'm just trying to do all I can do lower the odds. Thank you. (3 replies)
... Thanks for the Vitamin D information. I'm currently taking 2,000 mg a day of Carlson cod liver oil. I will make an appt. in the next few weeks to have my Vitamin D level re-checked again to see if the numbers have improved. Probably my Lipid panel also. It's been about 4 months. (7 replies)
... My vitamin D level was at 21, when tested two years ago. And a vitamin D level of 20 isn't close to a deficiency, it's very deficient. And it's quite common, especially those living in the northern latitudes. You should aim for serum levels of at least 45-50. Some doctors even want it higher than that. (7 replies)
... My doctor tested me recently for my Vitamin D level. My level of 20 was almost at a deficiency level. He told me the importance of Vitamin D and how Calcium buildup can be a problem. He told me to begin taking a Vitamin D supplement and later on be tested again. I never thought I could be deficient with this Vitamin. I eat good, spend lot's of time in the sun, I take Vitamin... (7 replies)
How to lower LDL?
May 19, 2016
... Hi, can anyone recommend a supplement to lower LDL number? Just got my test report and the result is quite bad :( TC: 244 HDL: 60 LDL: 167 Triglycerides: 84 Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 4.1 I'm 49 and having high TC and LDL for many years but did not see a doctor. (5 replies)
... I used to have high Cholesterol around 300 and high Triglycerides around 500; and high blood sugar readings, back around 13 years ago. I never went on statins or metformin. I preferred to try diet first, before having to get on medications. I went on an ovo-vegetarian diet of small, low calorie, low glycemic meals; and started a vigorous daily exercise program of pushups,... (8 replies)
... at least with salmon and other fish so I wouldn't worry about the HDL level at this point. I think 60 is a little more than you could reasonably expect. ... (10 replies)
... Got my blood work back and my numbers are as follows: LDL 206 HDL 60 Can't remember trig but my total cholesterol was 285. Year and a half ago I had similar numbers with a slightly lower LDL and higher HDL. I was in the process of changing my diet and then life happened. Death in the family, wife had a major accident and all the stress that came along with that. Doc... (9 replies)
... So I went in to have a fasting lipid panel done as well as my thyroid panel (as I am hypothroid and need to check my bloodwork often). The lipid panel stated something I am not sure if I should be concerned about or not?! Triglycerides came back at : 141 mg/dL (range is : 35-135 mg/dL) HDL: 50 mg/dL (range is : 40-75 mg/dL) LDL : 68 mg/dL (range is : 60-100 mg/dL) ... (4 replies)
... I used to have high Cholesterol around 300 and high Triglycerides around 500, back around 10 years ago. I never went on statins for this. I went on a diet of small, low calorie meals; and started a vigorous exercise program. My Cholesterol is now- Total Cholesterol: 167 HDL: 60 LDL: 89 TC:HDL ratio: 2.8 Triglycerides: 88 (2 replies)
... Good day. I have been having some discomforting pain in my chest area recently. The pain appears to be near my heart, and between my heart and shoulder. I occasionally feel it 'travel' to my bicep area. Because of of this, I went to my doctor and had him perform some tests. One of those tests was a blood test, of course. Most everything came out normal, except these... (5 replies)
High hdl
Nov 1, 2009
... you seem to know what you are talking about. you told me in another post. my hdl is 79. and that was ok. but i have others telling me its too high. dont understand this cholestrol at all. doing alot or research on it though. my trigs. ... (10 replies)
High hdl
Oct 18, 2009
... im 60 years old . female. funny about meds. doctor wants me to go on them. lost my love last Nov. put on alot of weight on the last year. lost 15 lbs. ... (10 replies)

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