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My numbers help
Jul 7, 2008
... rene, in April my TC was 288, LDL 200, Triglycerides 141, and HDL 60. I started taking 600mg. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, Everyone. I'm a new member to these boards. I visited a doctor last week for the first time in 20+ years. I was going in for a "consultation," but ended up having blood drawn. I was NOT asked to fast beforehand, and I'd been on a modified low-carb diet for the previous six weeks. A few hours before the exam, I ate a breakfast of three eggs (scrambled in butter) and a... (13 replies)
... Did your weight change significantly? I've hardly missed a day of psyllium consumption for the last 25 years. When someone if about 37% overweight, as in my case, I think it has very detrimental effects on lipid levels. Would you share your weight change that goes along with those #'s and did your exercise start from a zero point or increase over (how much?) it's previous... (6 replies)

... I recently posted here, but in case you didn't see it, in August, my numbers were: Total Cholesterol 256 LDL 162 HDL 71 I got checked again bout 2 weeks ago - after changing diet and exercise (yes, I'm one of the fortunate ones who can do it through diet & exercise, but I understand some people just can't) My numbers now are: Total Cholesterol 191 LDL 114 (6 replies)
... I take Now Foods plain Red Yeast Rice extract. It comes in 1,200mg capsules in both 60 and 120 count. I take one in the AM and PM both with food. It has worked great! ... (23 replies)
... I think directionally this is true... however, it was not true for me. My LDL dropped 50%... but then again, I'm taking 3000 mg niacin a day. Niacin is interesting the way it affects cholesterol numbers differently for each person... and the same regarding the side effects. (35 replies)
Cholesterol MD
Apr 8, 2007
... I was taking simvastatin for 2 months & had to discontinue because of fatigue & weakness so I bought some Cholesterol MD & was taking 2 a day as per directions. Seemed to make me tired & not feel up to par. Was wondering if anyone had tried the Cholesterol MD. I started with TC of 257, LDL 165, HDL 72 & Triglycerides 106. After nearly 2 months of simvastatin it is TC 158, LDL... (2 replies)
... Lenin, here are my results. I tested at 254 2 weeks prior to my work-related screening. I started on 10mg Lipitor immediately... Total Cholesterol: 182 HDL: 60 Total/HDL Ratio: 3.03 LDL: 96 Triglycerides: 126 (12 replies)
... Oh I get the study ok, but like U said, not only cholesterol studies, but other ones also, are always showing an opposite opinion. Maybe that is why even the drs. are confused, noone seems to know the entire truth. Here we are envious of folks with nice high HDL, and this study shoots it down. Oh the joys of modern theories & studies!! For now I will just keep doing what I... (35 replies)
... Autumn...As Uff said, I think although your numbers are a bit high, they could be reduced with diet and exercise. Unless U have other risk factors like, diabetes, history of heart disease, family history of early heart disease, then I think the dr. wanting U on Lipitor, especially 40 mgs. is overkill. My numbers were very similar to yours in 200, and they gave me 10mgs. of... (11 replies)
... Moxie, no joke here. With 2- 4 weeks of heavy drinking (4 martinis or a liter of wine every day) I can get my HDL from a marginal 35-40 up into the 60's. THis happens over and over. Unfortunaltely my BP works the opposite: 90 days of teetotalling gets me good BP numbers without drugs, a month of booze and my BP goes high no matter WHAT drugs I take. (6 replies)
... I've been taking Crestor for about 3 months..MY HDL remained the same (around 60)...LDL went from around 170 to 93 and Total from 250 to 170. I did notice a drop in TRIGS from 100 to 78. (12 replies)
... addition of olive, avocado and fish to the diet sure makes it more easy to follow. I can live without fried foods and burgers. I calculate that I am eating about 60 grams of good fats per day right now.... ... (19 replies)
... OK, Sounds like you could use a good cookbook. Yes, salmon is good. Even canned. Baked or grilled fresh salmon is tasty. Canned salmon is good for making salmon loaf for which you'll need the aforementioned cookbook. Olive oil is called "olive oil" in the grocery store. Go to the aisle where they have cooking oil. It is a fat but it is a good kind of fat so use it... (3 replies)
... Ok, now you have me worried, what is a ratio and No I am not on a lofat diet and I am looking at my printed results again.. I don't see anything on there that says LP(a) This is what it actually has.. Cholestrol 254 hf TRIG 69f ( the footnote states I am under guidlines) HDL 60 H LDL ( Calc) 180 H at the bottom is states footnotes: H= High and f= footnote ... (8 replies)
... Are you sure you read that right? If so, your good cholesterol HDL is 1:3 ratio with your bad cholesterol LDL. What about LP(a)? Did you get the number for that? Are you by chance on a low-fat diet? (8 replies)
LDL below 60
Aug 17, 2011
... and workout. Plus my HDL is 142. Gene I guess. ... (1 replies)
... Total Cholesterol is now at 160, hdl 60, LDL 90, ratio 2.8, and my triglycerides at 60. ... (24 replies)
... Hi, I'm hoping someone with a little more knowledge/experience than me can help out! I've gained 9lbs in one month, despite having recently taken up swimming and not changing my diet. I recently had another medical issue (ruptured ovarian cyst) and asked my doctor about the weight gain at my follow-up appointment for the cyst. I figured it was linked to the cyst, she said... (4 replies)
... Hello, this is my first post here, I thought I would try and get an opinion from some that have been dealing with this issue. I just got my lipid panel results today.....not good at all according to my Dr. Cholesterol- 242 Triglyceride-111 HDL- 60 LDL- 160 Glucose-111 (12 replies)

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