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... I received the results of my last blood test today and I recognize a tremendous difference in my cholesterol levels: Total - 180 mg/dL HDL - 60 mg/dL LDL - 108 mg/dL Trig - 61 mg/dL Sugar - 71 mg/dL My LDL has been lowered for more than half of the previous result and I didn't even need to start a restrictive or overly radical diet. Not to mention that as of yet,... (6 replies)
High cholesterol
Mar 26, 2011
... my cholesterol total : 278 triglycerides : 197 HDL 60 VLDL 39 LDL 179 (1 replies)
... Here are my numbers exactly: Total: 268 LDL: 195 HDL: 60 Triglycerides: 69 Ratio: 4.5 (5 replies)

Opinions please!!
Apr 20, 2009
... Hi; I'm 62, in very good physical health according to my complete physical last week. I feel GREAT! I'm 5' 7" tall - BMI and weight are right on target (low side) for my height and large bone structure. I get moderate exercise weekly and just came off a 40 day fast of ANY kind of meat for lent. I use ONLY olive oil for seasoning and cooking but do not consume near... (2 replies)
My numbers
Jul 31, 2008
... Got these from the bloodwork that I had done last week: Total Cholesterol 208 Triglycerides 63 HDL 60 LDL 136 What can I do to get my cholesterol down? (2 replies)
... Hello, I've had high cholesterol for a long time. Tried Zocor but got very sick with myalgic and neurological symptoms. Since being taken off of that (Jan 2007), I've tried Tricor (muscle pain), Zetia (digestive upset), and Niaspan. I just stopped the Niapsan a week ago as flushes had become rashes and I was having dizziness and so on. I take omacor (Rx fish oil) and... (16 replies)
... At this point I would not even consider taking medication. I'm guessing that your test was done using the Friedewald formula for the calculation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. While it is common knowledge that errors occure when the TG levels are > 400 the caculation is also prone to error with low TG levels. Your LDL levels may actually be closer to the 120-130... (35 replies)
... Well, had another blood test. Total had come down from 293 to 236, HDL 60, don't know about LDL. Wanted to change me from Vytorin back to Zocor which I had already taken for 2 mos. and only went down about 15 points with Zocor. ... (9 replies)
... I agree with most people on this board; get off the stuff asap. After you think it through, its breaks down to a pretty simple choice. Stay on statins and feel horrible, or get off of them and live it up while you can. (4 replies)
... With numbers as low as you have, what are you doing an Lipitor. You mirror the problems I had from this very nasty drug. Take heed and stop taking the Lipitor and regain your health as was before the side effects hit you. You can take all natural supplements that can replace the statins. Try Beta Sitostreol, and Red Rice Yeast, plus Flush Free Niacin. I think you will see... (4 replies)
... I am 51 and have been taking Lipitor for about 5 years. I have been experiencing muscle pain and memory loss. I was taking 40mg of Lipitor, 10mg of zetia, and 2000 mg of Niaspan with the following results. Total 138 HDL 60 LDL 64 Triglycerides 67 I reduced my lipitor to 20mg and added CoQ10 but I am still having pain. I want to discontinue the lipitor but keep taking... (4 replies)
How are my results
Apr 28, 2006
... backround i am a 44 yr old female i lost my dad and 2 brothers to heart attacks one brother had triple bypass at age 28 i see a heart doctor every 6 months he has me on aspirin atenolol k-dur niaspan extented release 750 pravachol plus vitamins my last lab work is triglycerides 53 (14 replies)
... I think they look pretty darn good, congrats. I hear ya about the Trigs, mine last time were 146, so I am trying to be as aware as possible about the carbs. I'm not a sugar lover, but do tend to like my carbs. Your VLDL is your very low density level, and it's range I believe is 0-30, mine was 29. All in all, I'd say U were definitely on the right track, so keep up the good... (6 replies)
... Hi friends, well I took your advice and went and had my cholesterol test and here are the results Total cholesterol 229, Triglycerides 149, HDL 60, LDL 139 and something labeled VLDL 30. What do you think? ... (6 replies)
... Autumn1, You should be aware that 40mg Lipitor is a very high and potent dose. You should be extremely careful if you go on that doseage, and be extremely careful about any sudden, unexplained muscle pain or weakness or tingling sensations. It could be a sign of adverse reaction to the Lipitor. Frankly, I think your doctor is completely irresponsible for suggesting... (11 replies)
... Total cholesterol 275 Triglycerides 261 HDL 60 LDL 163 Ratio 4.5 My doctor gave me a prescription for 40 mg. Lipitor. I've been eating high carbs and sugar and would like to try changing my diet first. He insists on starting the meds immediately. All my other results came back normal. (11 replies)
... Well, I guess I'm not part of "everybody." ;) I believe in approaching use of niacin with extreme caution. Here is the approach I took: When the doctor started getting concerned that my risk ratio was the highest it had ever been (4.0 with LDL 158) and mentioned statins, I said I wanted to try to get it down with diet first. She gave me three months. But we'd been... (27 replies)
... Hi, I just got a blood report. TC = 174 LDL = 114 HDL = 60 Im 32 years/Male. Triglicerides (Dr. said Normal, didn't give the Report, No Diabetic). (2 replies)
... Actually HIGH FIBER is exactly what you want. It's not the absoute carbs as much as the glycemic index (rate of absorbtion and insulin response to carb). Carbs with a LOT of fiber are good (whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables). Always look at the amount of fiber if you can. I eat WHOLE GRAIN pasta, which has 6 gms of fiber (and 9 grams protein) per seving. That's DOUBLE... (12 replies)
... They have a risk calculator for professionals to use when deciding on treatment. For those with NO other risk facors ( history heart disease), they don't recommend treatment with LDL levels below 190! I used my TC/250..HDL/60 and male with no other risk factors and got a "no treatment required" if LDL is under 190! Mine is... (8 replies)

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