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... Kaycee, Since your TG seems to be the real problem, you might be able to lower it by simply cutting back on your carb intake and choosing carbs that aren't, well, heavy sugar based. There are a bunch of posts in here mentioning the benefit of low carbs on TG values. Also, some use supplements (omega-3 fish oil) which can have some benefit to lipid levels. What worked... (10 replies)
... at first the doctor wanted to put me right on lipitor but I told him I was not comfortable w/o trying something else first... (change of diet and more exercise) here are my numbers can anyone explain them better... cholestrol = 254 trig = 69 hdl = 60 ldl = 180 Under the NCEp guidelines the doctor gave me is states that my trig are normal and my total cholestrol is... (8 replies)
Great results
May 30, 2003
... 1 month ago cholesteral reading was 275. Good cholesteral was 45 and LDL and Trig. were very high. I just got rechecked and my results are awesome total 146 HDL 60 TG 68 LDL 72 just in case people are interested here is what I did. -Ran two miles per day 5 days a week (1 replies)

... I'm a 30 year old male - 6'4", 185lbs. Extremely active, exercise about 5 times a week, mostly aerobic exercise. I don't eat sweets often nor do I consume any caffeine. As far as the rest of my diet goes, I eat relatively healthy but nothing really restrictive. My last cholesterol count was Total - 253, HDL - 60, LDL - 179, Triglycerides - 70. My father has high... (3 replies)
... My hubby and I have just received our new numbers after 3 mos. of 20 mgs. a day. and to say the least, I'm a little disappointed. Mine are as follows: (9/01) TC 296 7/02 322 Hubby's 4/02 181 7/02 201 Trig 228 131 418 336 HDL 60 72 29 32 LDL 190 224 Off Scale 102 ... (11 replies)
... despite very low cholesterol and smoking abstinence and may require PTCA or bypass surgery. In the author's experience, such patients usually have persisting low HDL with low total cholesterol and often have ongoing work stress imposed by job circumstances. ... (33 replies)
... oprotein tests. They all are good and doctors usually have their own preferences. One advantage is they are much more accurate. They also will break the LDL and HDL into additional groups. This is important because some types of LDL are much more damaging than others and some HDL is more protective. ... (34 replies)
... In general, low fat diets aren't very effective for improving blood lipids in anyone. By improving lipids I mean raising HDL level, lowering triglycerides, or lowering LDL levels or improving particle size. ... (30 replies)
... Probably one of the reasons that I am VERY pro statins for people at risk of heart disease is my own case that started with a dismal HDL of 28 during the period I was beginning to feel "heartburn" on exercise. ... (11 replies)
... Considerable evidence indicates that dietary saturated fats support the enhancement of HDL metabolism. ... (38 replies)
... rahod, Give me your reference for study 14...I'd like to read it in full. A couple comments on the AVERT study. 1. It never quite met the level required for statistical difference between the two methodologies it was studying...not to say that BOTH aren't beneficial but a study should study what a study studies:D:D (one of the FIRST rules of statistics) 2. Mention... (54 replies)
... You're in GREAT shape lipid wise! Your ratio of Total/HDL is a remarkable 2.4! Under 4 is desireable and anything under 3 is fantastic! I don't know why on earth your Dr is condidering meds :confused: . The LDL (bad cholesterol) is in the NORMAL range as well (under 130). As far as HDL over 60 being *undesireable*...never heard that one before. The higher the HDL level, the... (11 replies)
New test results
Jan 30, 2004
... Justgettinby, Here's what the doctor is looking for: I hope that helped! (6 replies)
Opinions please!!
Apr 25, 2009
... Sorry, I fail to see how HDL deducted from TC produces any known medical formula in respect of cholesterol figures. ... (2 replies)
... The link between blood fats and atherosclerosis has been chiefly attributed to elevated plasma LDL and low HDL concentrations. Fasting levels of these lipoproteins do not, however, sufficiently discriminate between patients with and without CHD. ... (31 replies)
... range LDL cholesterol but low HDL cholesterol and high triglycerides. ... (38 replies)
... Total 60 HDL 400Trigs, you would have an LDL of 60. ... (3 replies)
... I don't overdo it.... light weights, 60 minutes or less cardio with a heart monitor. ... (15 replies)
... One of the reasons why the 70's is a good place to be is that we know that a total cholesterol to HDL ratio of less than 3 is optimal, and we aren't very good at raising HDL. ... (54 replies)
Dash Diet
May 13, 2004
... while HDL stayed about the same. ... (6 replies)

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