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... I'd just keep on your current regimine and leave it at that. ... (23 replies)
... If you have insurance... ask you Doctor for a prescription os Niaspan... it's extended release and is not known to to cause liver problems for most... and reduces significantly any flushing... ... (23 replies)
... AA, I think your cholesterol is way too low. I don't believe I would be takiing the vytorin at all. What was your cholesterol before the vytorin and the niacin? ... (24 replies)

... K a year for medical for myself and family... I'm going to take advantage of it... including taking a proven prescribed medication called Niaspan. ... (23 replies)
... Arizona77, when you say under a doctor's care and supervision, I find myself alot of the time these days telling the doctor what I want to do as opposed to him directing me (i.e. you should be taking a statin). Do you mean that I should notify him when I get above 500 mg. per day? In my mind, actual supervision would mean that he would order blood work every 3 months or so... (23 replies)
... statin rode as a great many people are put on these drugs when unnecessary. If you will read through the posts here you will see that this is often the case. I, and many others, have had high levels due to hereditary factors. ... (2 replies)
... I've been taking mine for nine months now and have not had a problem with aftertaste. Do you take them with or right after a meal? ... (23 replies)
... Sincerely appreciate all of the advice. I have caught my breath and developed my plan for tackling this. ... (4 replies)
... Went to a healthfood store, and got stuff per the stores advise. ... (23 replies)
More on Niacin
Jan 9, 2008
... ly found a treatment that works well for you. I will be going in to see my Doctor in three weeks for my lipid panel. I have been taking 2,000mg immediate release Niacin for six months now. ... (4 replies)
... I guess, for some people, they may never be able to naturally increase their HDL levels. I feel I may be one of those as well. ... (34 replies)
... Glad to see you back. Also glad to see that your HDL has gone up to 42 from 27 that is great. keep it up! I am doing well on the Niacin. I am still on 2,000mg immediate release at bed time. ... (16 replies)
Niacin no-flush
Dec 6, 2007
... I ask, as those results are a bit odd for niacin supplementation. Typically, HDL rises, while LDL lowers by a much smaller amount. I have never heard of niacin lowering LDL more than it raises HDL. ... (7 replies)
... Hello all, I am a 34 yr old male, 5ft 9 in tall, and I have new blood test results in. ... (1 replies)
... Everything but your HDL is in the normal range. ... (5 replies)
... I am now beginning my second month of Niacin therapy in hopes to raise my HDL. ... (11 replies)
... Also, niacin has been proven time and time again at lowering triglycerides... in fact, niacin and fibrates are the only known medications proven to lower triglycerides. ... (6 replies)
Niacin Studies
Oct 23, 2006
... Niacin Monograph and the studies today. ... (24 replies)
Mar 26, 2006
... I'm afraid U would have to eat an awful lot of food containing Niacin to get the same benifits as a pill. Most folks take about 1,000 mgs of Niacin, and doubt U would get that from foods. Even vitamins say Niacin, but it is not usually straight Niacin, it is usually Niacinamide, which is a far cry from Niacin. ... (8 replies)
... immediate release formula. I think 1000mg a day is OK. I also started with between 500 and 1000mg before seeing my doctor. ... (42 replies)

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