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... What you describe, very high triglycerides and low HDL are characteristic of something called METABOLIC SYNDROME also called SYNDROME X. Read up on the two conditions and see if it fits you. ... (1 replies)
... Actually, I take most individual studies with a grain of salt. But when multiple studies over a long period of time, completed by many different researchers in many different localities around the world, consistently show the same thing, then I tend to believe there is at least some truth to them. Therefore, I believe there is evidence to suggest that cholesterol plays a... (26 replies)
... Hi, I am a 30 year old female, I eat a very low fat diet and exercise regularly. To give my stats, I am 5'2 and about 110 lbs. I have good blood pressure and healthy. ... (12 replies)

True? False?
Feb 25, 2006
... Regardless of the elevated TC and LDL, I really don't consider these numbers bad at all, largely because of the high HDL and low triglycerides. ... (12 replies)
... lowers LDL and raises HDL. ... (30 replies)
Nov 11, 2003
... I have found this thread about lpa fascinating. Since you all seem very knowledgeable, perhaps I could ask a question of you. My 86 year old mother has had high total cholesterol for as long as she can remember being tested. All 6 of us kids do too. ... (42 replies)
Doing Better
Aug 24, 2001
... Neal1, I donít mean to disparage your efforts, but your lipid numbers donít look much better to me. Some things improved (total cholesterol and LDL are lower) and some things are worse (HDL is lower and your triglycerides increased 28%). Was your second test a fasting test? Not fasting 12 hours can have a negative impact on your triglyceride numbers. If you are... (1 replies)
... normous triglycerides several years ago, which I wish my internist had paid more attention to... ... (8 replies)
... since statins don't really work well on triglycerides anyhow. ... (3 replies)
... quality carbohydrates. That in turn can cause the LDL to increase and the HDL to decrease. ... (4 replies)
... You mentioned blockage, but quite often, when you reach extremely high TG levels, the risk of CHD starts to decrease. ... (23 replies)
... The nurse told me everything looked good! It seems to me that my HDL and Triglycerides are too low. What would cause that and what can I do about it? ... (3 replies)
... His other numbers were not alarming. I can't find the lab results right now, but if I remember right, his HDL was only a couple of points below normal and his blood glucose was fine. They couldn't calculate his LDL fraction because the Triglycerides were so high. ... (12 replies)
... I was diagnosed with high chol. early last year and after a change in diet had little effect I was put on Zocor, but experienced flushing. ... (15 replies)
Advise Please
Dec 12, 2003
... The study you are referring to was published in the American Journal of Medicine in Oct. 1995. Lead researcher was L.W. Gibbons. Niacin was originally treated as a drug and was overprescriibed at times in excess of 3 grams. This caused liver problems, increased uric acid, blood sugar elevations, and the flushing problem. Another study published in the Archives of Family... (16 replies)
Aug 26, 2002
... and have found it to be beneficial for both raising HDL and lowering LDL cholesterol. ... (41 replies)
... Those numbers are a bit low. But if he is feeling OK, there is probably nothing to worry about. Some people just have naturally low serum cholesterol. Those triglycerides are a bit high probably because of the diabetes. Excess blood glucose finds its way to the liver, where it is converted into triglycerides. ... (2 replies)
28% drop in LDL
Mar 28, 2008
... aturated fat drives up cholesterol and causes heart disease, but there is no good science to back that up. So I tested it on myself. The alternative view is that low carbs keep triglycerides down, whiile high saturated fat pushes HDL up. My experience seems to bear that out. ... (6 replies)
... The drop in the total cholesterol and LDL levels would appear to be attributable to the statin you had taken. The increase in triglycerides would argue against this occurring because of dietary changes. ... (2 replies)
... Fat intake keeps your HDL high. That is, if you eat a cube of butter a day, your HDL will improve quite a bit. However, moderation is key. No one is recommending you eat a cube of butter... can't be too good for anyone. ... (11 replies)

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