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... Many here put down low carbohydrate diets, but my experience and many other's experiences have shown that this type of diet has a dramatic effect on triglyceride levels. ... (38 replies)
... and LDL cholesterol have been reported to have synergy in elevating risk in both men and women with hypercholesterolemia. ... (23 replies)
... your total cholesterol should be 256, not 282. Your HDL is pretty good, and your triglycerides are excellent. It's just that your LDL is high, which is driving up your total number. Is a calculated LDL of 190 complete justification for you to be placed on a lifelong regimen of statin drugs? ... (4 replies)

... While I would agree that the total cholesterol level is, for the most part irrelevant, there is a definite distinction between HDL and LDL. Oxidized cholesterol is bound to LDL while unoxidized cholesterol is bound to HDL. ... (15 replies)
... My HDL is 47 and my trigs are 81. I don't eat dairy or meat to avoid foods high in cholesteral. ... (16 replies)
... The doc tells me to avoid all dairy products. I have not really been following a low fat diet as of late, prior to my tests. My high numbers really surprized me. ... (30 replies)
... Do you have high bloodpressure? ... (9 replies)
... He is an alcoholic who has been sober for 2 years now, and when he first quit, he was diagnosed with diabetes and his triglycerides were over 1100. ... (2 replies)
... here are complaining that their docs are happy when their total cholesterol is 200 even though in reality they have more risk for heart disease because the good HDL cholesterol went down! ... (24 replies)
... maybe some fruit if my blood glucose is on the low side. I am still working on this. ... (26 replies)
My results
Jul 11, 2005
... Just got the results from my june 24th test: TC = 225 HDL = 45 LDL = 133 Trig = 233 Not as much improvement in the TC/HDL and LDL/HDL ratio as I wanted, but I'll take it!!! Things are moving in the right direction!!! :D I'm frustrated that my HDL went down slightly - but I've heard that can happen in the short term on Policosanol. (31 replies)
... I agree with you that total cholesteral tests should not be relied upon, when the person does not know their HDL or LDL and other indicators. ... (4 replies)
Lab Numbers
Dec 4, 2002
... lbs. My cholesterol was around 270, and my HDL around 35. ... (11 replies)
... But low triglicerides. ... (5 replies)
... I think that an elevated triglyceride level poses a significant risk, since it contributes towards LDL as VLDL. This can result in a shift in LDL particle size towards that of Pattern B, a predominantly smaller particle size which carries significantly higher risk. ... (19 replies)
... Not likely since LDL gradients are rarely measured. ... (4 replies)
... fat, high carb diet. While LDL does tend to decrease, so does HDL, and it's usually accompanied by an increase in triglycerides. Probably the reason why your HDL remained the same is because it was already quite low to begin with. ... (4 replies)
... HDL ratio levels sitting nicely in the low category risk area for CHD. ... (8 replies)
May 6, 2003
... I took this for close to a year. Unfortunately, I was one of the rare individuals that had the liver bilirubin elevated from Niacin. It really is one of the more benign treatments available for certain types of dyslipidemia. Particularly, if your affliction is a combined effect of low HDL-C, high triglycerides, and smaller, more dense LDL-C (and HDL-C). The 2 g daily... (6 replies)
Raising HDL
Jun 1, 2001
... lyunsaturated vegetable oils were touted for years as being "heart healthy" because they resulted in a slight lowering of LDL. The problem is that they take the HDL down right along with the LDL. ... (3 replies)

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