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... How long can a person go before cholesterol done damage to the arteries? ... (1 replies)
... and added a half dose of Zetia as well. The cholesterol fell another 30 pts to 140! ... (13 replies)
... If I do a cholesterol test, how long back does it reflect? ... (0 replies)

... how long do i need to reduce my cholesterol? ... (1 replies)
... How long will Lipitor keep cholesterol levels down after stopping use? ... (0 replies)
... e an appt for the dietician I am going to retest my cholesterol. I had dropped wing wednesdays and started running a couple of km, four mornings mornings a week. How long before my readings correct so I can retest accurately? ... (0 replies)
... ut my other numbers.But he did warn me that i need to bring my TCdown by the next tests which will be done in september.I heard that diet and exercise can effect cholesterol levels.I just started the atkins diet and am now working out at the gym 3x wk. ... (2 replies)
... way healthy diet. My GP put me on Crestor for two months and I haven't had it checked yet because of lack of insurance,etc. Can I safely assume my cholesterol has gone down? ... (13 replies)
Feb 12, 2006
... I think some drs. go by your risk factors, age etc. to decide how often a person should be tested. With some people cholesterol can go up very easily and within a short period of time, others seem to maintain a healthy level for years. ... (1 replies)
... lowering drug. My cholesterol then was 238. 4 months later, and 35 pounds lighter, my total cholesterol is now 191. However, I have really high trigs, but I've cut them in half as well. ... (31 replies)
... brothers a long time. These relatives never even got their cholesterol taken or took statins. ... (14 replies)
... arkie, th liver produces like what, 2g of cholesterol a day, right? ... (26 replies)
... Lot's of conflicting data out there. Guess I'll continue my quest. I still haven't found any info on the "cholesterol cycle" What mechanism tells our body how much cholesterol to make? ... (20 replies)
... We've been brainwashed for so long that any type of fat or cholesterol is poison. I am finally enjoying whole milk, butter, beef and many more of my favorite foods for the 1st time in I can't even tell you how long. ... (7 replies)
... Hubby had his arteries cleaned in 94, and yet his cholesterol numbers were fine, so I guess I just don't believe it is all in numbers. ... (22 replies)
... So now you don't take any cholesterol medicine? ... (22 replies)
... The first thing I think of when I see your great HDL and Triglyceride levels, is that somehow, someway, the total Cholesterol number is wrong. ... (8 replies)
... The drop in the total cholesterol and LDL levels would appear to be attributable to the statin you had taken. ... (2 replies)
... however, oxidized cholesterol does. That is why Coq10 is a vital nutrient in the body. Cholesterol also binds to toxins in the body and removes them. ... (37 replies)
... If you ever had high cholesterol and have success lowering cholesterol. I want to hear it.. ... (4 replies)

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