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New Crestor trial
Mar 31, 2006
... The thing I have trouble understanding in the JAMA report by the authors of the ASTEROID (Crestor)study are the two "before and after "photographs showing the cross section of the arteries. www. From what I can see, while the plaque has indeed been reduced by 40%, the cross sectional area of the external... (35 replies)
Doctors and Lp(a)
Apr 26, 2005
... rbfletch, Maybe you'll find this (from the Cleveland Clinic) interesting: Those references: 24. Bostom AG, Cupples LA, Jenner JL, et al. Elevated plasma lipoprotein(a) and coronary heart disease in men aged 55 years and younger. A prospective study. JAMA 1996; 276:544-548. 25. Ridker PM, Hennekens CH, Stampfer MJ. A prospective study of lipoprotein(a) and the risk... (38 replies)
... Rahod, I’m glad you asked. Aside from Dr. Wayne’s book that is full of references, but you may find suspect, there are a myriad of citings in the literature. I will list a few here you may find of interest: 1. Ghirlanda, G; Oradei A; Manto A; et al. Evidence of plasma Coenzyme Q 10 lowering effect by HMG C-A reductase inhibitors : A double blind placebo controlled... (29 replies)

... I found it interesting that the author of Cholesterol Fallacy author UFFA Ravnskov has his book being sold on the JAMA site . ... (1 replies)
Scared of statins
Sep 14, 2009
... What I can find in the JAMA is an article on September 18, 2002 called "New Evidence for Stroke Prevention" by Straus, Majumdar, and McAlister. ... (11 replies)
... Mike, Homocysteine is a risk factor as you say and, if your insurance company will pay for it, it is definitely worth getting tested. It is probably not the MOST important factor in heart disease and the test, if you must pay for it out of pocket, it costs a FORTUNE! :D Your level of 12 is considered in the normal range by some prominent sources. What is the Folic... (10 replies)
New Crestor trial
Mar 14, 2006
... Arizona....Was just going over the Crestor study in JAMA... It is in JAMA with charts..i looked up Asteroid Study Crestor. IT MAKES ME ANGRY. THis was a definite stock prop up. Look at the results. ... (35 replies)
New Crestor trial
Mar 14, 2006
... The Journal of the American Medical Asssociation, JAMA, has given a more cautious welcome to the Crestor(ASTEROID) Trial. Among its reservations and comments are; Only subjects with a coronary stenosis of under 50% were included in the trial. The mean values of the subjects on the start of the trial were... (35 replies)
... That's bad news. But I may have some good news. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) carried an editorial in July 2003 advising doctors to have patients try dietary change before starting them on statins. In the same issue of JAMA, a research group reported the results of a study that showed how ADDING certain foods to your diet could reduce cholesterol... (11 replies)
... I just came across an interesting small study sponsored by the Canadian government, the Almond Board of California and the food companies Unilever Canada and Loblaw Brands. They compared (1) a control diet of very low saturated fat with (2) the same diet plus lovastatin, 20 mg/d and (3) a diet high in plant sterols (1.0 g/1000 kcal), soy protein (21.4 g/1000 kcal), viscous... (8 replies)
Toxic influences?
Nov 28, 2004
... Implications of Recent Clinical Trials for the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III Guidelines The Adult Treatment Panel III (ATP III) of the National Cholesterol Education Program issued an evidence-based set of guidelines on cholesterol management in 2001 (Executive Summary published in JAMA, 2001;285:2486-2497). Since the publication of ATP... (1 replies)
... Cold Pressed Extra Virgin of course.... Olive Oil Part 1... Several studies have shown that 2-4 tablespoons of olive oil daily (as the main source of fat in the diet and consumed with plant food) can have beneficial effects on blood fats (less atherogenic chylomicron remnants, triglycerides, oxidised LDL cholesterol), blood glucose, clotting factors and blood levels of... (31 replies)
... Anyone taking SloNiacin should read this. It is not effective and it is dangerous. Your doctor should know this. bob The dosing regimen of IR nicotinic acid is known to provide a very beneficial effect on blood lipids as discussed in Knopp et al.; "Contrasting Effects of Unmodified and Time-Release Forms of Niacin on Lipoproteins in Hyperlipidemic Subjects: Clues... (33 replies)
Niaspan vs Statins
Oct 16, 2003
... I have been on Niaspan since late 1997. My results have been great. I had flushing in the beginning but it went away with time. Look for the board "Niaspan makes me smile" on page 2. Do not take the time release niacin. It is dangerous. See the following. <Studies in hyperlipidemic patients have been conducted with a number of SR nicotinic acid products. These studies... (3 replies)
... Arizona, The following is taken from one of the Niaspan patents. This is a quote. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In brief, the present invention alleviates and overcomes certain of the above-identified problems and shortcomings of the present state of nicotinic acid therapy through the discovery of novel nicotinic acid formulations and methods of treatment. Generally... (22 replies)
Scared of statins
Sep 14, 2009
... According to JAMA, June 2002 ,the lower a person's cholesterol , the higher their risk of stroke. (11 replies)
... Remember, though, that there are huge numbers of studies, and some of them come to different or contradictory conclusions compared to others. On a topic where the studies disagree, you could make what seems to be a fairly convincing argument either way, by referencing only those studies that match up with the point you are arguing. This does not just apply to someone trying... (10 replies)
... I just finished reading the book The Cholesterol Hoax by Dr. Sherry Rogers. My reaction is very mixed. On the plus side, the author’s citations from some of the most highly respected medical journals are indisputable. In several parts, she cites material from the American Journal of Cardiology that depicts studies that show statins and other medications are either... (10 replies)
... Vickie I am not against medications. I do think statins and cholesterol lowering medications are WAY over prescribed. Flowergirl is exactly right on the deaths caused by interactions of medications that were given per doctors orders. This was published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). Those deaths are over 100,000 per year. Maybe your doctor is good,... (39 replies)
... Pioglitazone , a drug sold as Actos for treatment of type 2 diabetes, has been reported to increase HDL by 13% and reduce arterial thickening.This was just reported today in JAMA. Hey Lenin, this might be the drug you're looking for.:blob_fire Quote: Pioglitazone is in a class of diabetes drugs called thiazolidinediones, which lower the amount of the blood sugar glucose... (1 replies)

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