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... I am concerned about his rise of LDL and decrease of HDL even though nothing in his diet and daily routine has changed. What kind of evaluation does my father need at this time? ... (5 replies)
... She said that I need to lower my LDL because she is afraid of me being "prediabetic", did not mention CAD or heart disease. ... (5 replies)
... I put this up previously, but thought I would start a new thread on this topic. Should we be shooting for LOWER LDL levels? ... (54 replies)

... The total is not too bad, the LDL is not bad, the HDL is quite low, and the trigs are quite high. ... (26 replies)
Hi TRIg's Level
Jun 16, 2008
... HI all, new to the forum and board. A little background, 43 year old male, social drinker, not much exercise, just golf. last August, I finally had an updated physical which included the cholesterol check and my total was 212 with my tri's at 218. I was told to get more exercise and change my diet. Well, I changed my diet, I eliminated junk food and cut BACK on beer,... (5 replies)
... did a repeat LDL yesterday and the value was 101. It was 115 last month. ... (5 replies)
... I have had great results with Crestor and no side effects. I went from TC 240/LDL 151 to TC 180/LDL 115. This is 5 mg dose. (2 replies)
... Hi everyone, sorry it took so long to get back, but I have old #s and news #s after taking Gemfibrozil for 4 weeks: Dec Total 259 HDL 31 LDL Too high to measure Trigly's 475 Feb Total 180 (13 replies)
... Well, I guess I'm not part of "everybody." ;) I believe in approaching use of niacin with extreme caution. Here is the approach I took: When the doctor started getting concerned that my risk ratio was the highest it had ever been (4.0 with LDL 158) and mentioned statins, I said I wanted to try to get it down with diet first. She gave me three months. But we'd been... (27 replies)
New LDL Guidelines
Dec 18, 2004
... Michael, I don't think you qualify as "high risk" by the standards of the new <100 LDL guidlines...maybe <115 for LOW "high risk" :D:D:D (11 replies)
Test Question
Nov 6, 2002
... Hello Everyone, My DH just got his test results back,and they are much much better. 6/2002 TC 248 LDL 181 HDL 41 Trigs 131 11/2002 (6 replies)
... Does anyone know is high BP meds can raise cholesteral levels? I have been taking 80mg of Diovan for a few years (now consistently 120/80), and recently show some elevated numbers: TC:214 LDL:115 HDL:38 TRI:305 I suspect mostly dietary contributions, but want to look at all possible causes. I rarely eat any beef, usually chicken, some fish, low fat, and exersize. ... (2 replies)
... recent lipid numbers: total cholesterol= 234 triglycerides= 218 LDL= 115 HDL= 75. My total cholesterol to HDL ratio is 3.1, which I've been told is good. But given my triglyceride numbers, do I really need to take meds? (8 replies)
... Hello All I recently had another bloodwork done. I take 1000mg of Niaspan daily. Results: Total Cholesterol 216 HDL 84 LDL 115 Triglycerides 84 TC/HDL ratio 2.5 (2 replies)
... by statins preserves nitric oxide, which inhibits macrophage and platelet adhesion and thereby maintains thrombosis resistance on the endothelial wall. Oxidized LDL inhibits nitric oxide. Statins reduce oxidation of LDL, thus enhancing an active endothelium. ... (33 replies)
... corresponded to LDLs of 115 and 99. ... (9 replies)
My results
Jun 30, 2015
... Thanks for your reply and encouraging words Yack. I do need to do some work to improve my LDL. As you said, it is not 'elevated' but it is not a perfect or ideal number so I will work on that. Please see below and help me understand if you see any trends. My tri is kind of erratic. Not sure if you can make any sense out of this but I couldn't put this in here in an excel... (4 replies)
... Test my Total cholesterol was 264, Trigs 136, HDL 49, Calculated LDL 188, Risk ration 3.83. ... (10 replies)
May 14, 2005
... n E, it is that they can help prevent or reduce the oxidation of LDL, which is also important, and should be taken into consideration. And statins do deplete the LDL molecule of vitamin E, making it more susceptible to oxidation even though LDL is reduced. ... (25 replies)
... HDL are good indicators. Some believe that elevated TC in itself is a risk. It seems that most doctors focus on the LDL levels. ... (24 replies)

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