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... D All that might be making LDL seasonally cyclical for me. I suppose I won't know for sure about that until I do another panel in November again. ... (19 replies)
... tables. I never eat fast food and rarely eat out unless I eat plain potato, grilled chicken, steamed vegetables. The modification of my diet has not changed my LDL at all. ... (10 replies)
... TC 288!! HDL 91 LDL 179!! ... (19 replies)

... of fiber as well. I would prefer to take it every other day like you. Looks as though you're getting fantastic results. My HDL and TRI's are very good, but my LDL was 163 last week. I just started the high fiber diet in the last three weeks so I really wasn't eating high fiber long enough to affect my LDL results. ... (9 replies)
... People keep referring to the ratio. What should the ratio of LDL to HDL be? ... (8 replies)
... ave a healthy diet, and I am not overweight. Just had a complete physical and was given an overall excellent rating...except for my cholesterol! My HDL is 65, my LDL is 163, Trigly 98, and total cholesterol 248. ... (3 replies)
... I had my yearly check up on Monday and the blood workup results are in...all is fine except my cholesterol numbers aren't that great again this year. And my gyno will be faxing the results to my regular doc. But can someone explain what all this means in English before I go see my Internal Medicine doc..... Last Year's results LDL - 149 HDL - 50 Tri - 213 This... (17 replies)
... I'm a 30 year old female ex-smoker (quit 7 years ago). I weigh 181 pounds. My cholesterol 3 months ago was: Total: 258 Triglycerides: 216 HDL: 52 LDL: 163 Now they are: Total: 236 (4 replies)
... blood glucose levels stable. I started 5 months ago doing the cinnamon thing and also drinking alot of green tea, and 2 months ago my TC went from 239 to 198 and LDL from 161 to 126. Didn't do a thing for my Trigs or HDL, but who knows, it might at least help U. ... (11 replies)
Fish Oil Results
Apr 5, 2005
... riod I halted any foods higher in cholesterol, i.e., eggs, and I completely cut out chocolate. I had oatmeal for breakfast everyday. Latest numbers are TC 242, LDL 163, HDL 37, Tri 280. ... (27 replies)
... For a mmole of LDL to convert to the American system with the same 38.6 that HDL does seems to imply that the both are comprised of identical molecules? ... (4 replies)
... I've been having horrible cholesterol report figures... cholesterol 245 HDL 64 LDL 163 TRIG 85 And this is better from the last report where my cholesterol was 300. when I foolishly went on a meat and chicken eating diet after a dr. recommended it. My father had 3 heart attacks and the last one killed him at 54. I'm off statins because my doctor gave me a test... (3 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for your reply. I've also been eating oatmeal every day and avoiding red meat and cheese. My TC was 263-- LDL 163, HDL 75. I will try the Cholestoff. My doctor wanted to put me on Vytorin, but I had muscle problems with Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor and would rather not try it. (6 replies)
... Autumn1, You should be aware that 40mg Lipitor is a very high and potent dose. You should be extremely careful if you go on that doseage, and be extremely careful about any sudden, unexplained muscle pain or weakness or tingling sensations. It could be a sign of adverse reaction to the Lipitor. Frankly, I think your doctor is completely irresponsible for suggesting... (11 replies)
... Total cholesterol 275 Triglycerides 261 HDL 60 LDL 163 Ratio 4.5 My doctor gave me a prescription for 40 mg. Lipitor. I've been eating high carbs and sugar and would like to try changing my diet first. He insists on starting the meds immediately. All my other results came back normal. (11 replies)
... TC 246, HDL 57, LDL 163, Triglycerides 132. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, I am new and just back from Dr. with some numbers. History, I am a 37 yr. old female, non-smoker, rarely drink, mild mitral valve prolapse, 35 lb. overweight, mother of 2 little ones, FT grad student, not exercising! My dad died of a heart attack at 48 - his 2nd or 3rd. I have normal blood pressure. Numbers: Total- 287 Trig - 321 LDL - 163 HDL - 59 Obviously I will... (3 replies)
... I just got some VERY GOOD news this time around in that my LDL dropped from 163 to 125! ... (4 replies)
... I gave up all meat except white chicken meat once or twice per week and canned tuna or grilled salmon. My LDL is just as bad as before I started taking the Lipitor. I also smoked a pack per day before I began Lipitor. ... (23 replies)
... I've converted your values to english units but I'm not sure if I've done it correctly. Do these add up correcty? TC 226.92 mg/dl HDL 34.61 mg/dl LDL 111.53 mg/dl TG 154.54 mg/dl After fish oil (3 replies)

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