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... the nurse said the main reason was because my LDL particle number was borderline. I don't recall anyone mentioning anything about LDL particle numbers before. ... (1 replies)
... Your numbers don't look bad at all. In fact, they look very good overall. Your total cholesterol certainly isn't high. Your HDL is high, and your triglycerides are low. ... (1 replies)
... But I have very high particle numbers. That is very bad. I need to figure out why it is so high. ... (5 replies)

... and my ldl cholesterol went higher. I said to the doctor that, if my cholesterol particle size was not at healthy levels, I would consider either taking statins or reducing the calories in my diet. ... (2 replies)
... eat from his diet. Try a low carb diet and shoot to get those TGs down into the 70s or lower. Once that happens I'll bet he will see a significant improvement in particle size. Have a Vitamin d blood check done if it is not at an optimal level then supplement or get enough sun exposure to achieve optimal levels of Vitamin D3. ... (4 replies)
... ldl particle size 20. ... (4 replies)
... Cholesterol particle size. The bigger the cell size the better? ... (5 replies)
... Just for clarification, LipoMED is referring to the ldl particle number and not the ldl particle size as a greatest predictor of CHD over the standard ratios. Your ldl particle numbers are ideal. ... (5 replies)
... Additionally, you could request the VAP test, you may have large particle LDL which is too large to stick in your arteries, and you might not be at any risk. ... (8 replies)
... I am looking for help in intrepretation of my latest cholesterol test with the particle size information. ... (0 replies)
... Also keep in mind that all LDL is NOT the same. There is Pattern A LDL, which consists mostly of large buoyant LDL. ... (7 replies)
... I recommend asking for a VAP lipoprotein test, which will show your LDL particle sizes. With such a high triglyceride level, you could very well have lots of small particle LDL, which is more dangerous than big particle LDL. ... (5 replies)
... ll in one pill. Of course, his cholesterol was a lot higher than yours, including LDL. His doctor prescribed this particular drug with the aim of lowering TC and LDL with the statin, while raising up the HDL and increasing LDL particle size with the Niaspan. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it. ... (6 replies)
... I have double parenthesis around failing numbers to make them stand out. ... (5 replies)
... I'm surprised that they did a cholesterol particle size test. It shows a good level of the larger LDL particle size. Nice! ... (5 replies)
New Numbers
Jun 11, 2010
... Well I'm a bit distressed as my numbers were so good on the last test and now seem to have changed drastically even though nothing has changed in my supplements, diet and such. ... (3 replies)
... Wow, you mean that in 2002 your total cholesterol was only 179, and your LDL was just 107, and you were still put on Zocor? ... (6 replies)
New numbers
Jun 3, 2009
... The numbers are generally considered fine. ... (12 replies)
... My feeling is that far too much emphasis is being made to drive LDL down to ridiculously low levels. Overrall, your numbers aren't really all that bad. The only thing that concerns me is your HDL. I think you would benefit most from niacin. ... (30 replies)
... LDL particle size also if known. ... (1 replies)

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