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... My husband has been watching this thead with interest. He had been on Lipitor, switched to Niaspan due to side effects of Lipitor. Never had any issues with blood sugars. ... (5 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Mar 9, 2001
... Blood sugar levels are part of this picture. ... (33 replies)
Lipitor or not?
Dec 6, 2001
... after starting, I found my blood sugar levels bouncing like crazy. In one case, I went from over 400 to less than 30 in 15 minutes, without insulin! ... (15 replies)

... The cholesterol fighter Lipitor significantly reduced strokes and heart attacks in patients with diabetes, prompting researchers to halt a drug study, drugmaker Pfizer Inc. ... (7 replies)
... his sugar is at 145 and I read that lipitor can raise sugar levels. the dr wont hear of it. what is going on here? ... (4 replies)
Lipitor---dry eyes
Apr 10, 2011
... No I'm not diabetic, the niacin raises my blood sugar up. As i lowered dose to 500mg daily after problems with lipitor again and it dropped right down to 4. ... (8 replies)
Lipitor Questions
Mar 21, 2006
... She had good days and bad. Also, she took relafen for her joint pain, so that masked a lot of the lipitor problems. Because she didn't have any pain , her doctor said she didn't have side effects for the cholesterol medication, nor any myopathy. ... (44 replies)
Little Help
Jun 28, 2001
... blood sugar problems, hypertension, muscle pains, severe deep bone pain in the hips, etc etc etc. ... (20 replies)
... blood sugar is NATURAL, even required for life. ... (37 replies)
... the morning is when I have oatmeal and take my cinnamon, and as I said, I drink alot of Bigelow green tea with lemon. The cinnamon is very good for keeping your blood sugar levels in tact also. ... (12 replies)
Lipitor and tricor
Sep 28, 2004
... YEAH..but your LIVER would rather you took those shots over the course of a day :D . Ever hear of a HIGH BLOOD CONCENTRATION of alcohol>>>it can KILL YOU. As far as insulin released....ever hear of HYPOGLYCEMIA..YEP, LOW BLOOD SUGAR ;) . That's what you can have with a big DUMP of insulin...rather than a more even release. (24 replies)
... No, I don't think the Atkins Diet is dangerous. Quite the contrary. In fact, it has helped a great many people lose weight, maintain much better blood sugar control, lower triglycerides, increase HDL, and significantly improve their blood-lipid ratios. There are a lot of negative misconceptions about the Atkins Diet that are being spread around, especially the crazy notion... (9 replies)
... If my doctor does not take my concerns seriously about my blood sugar then I will most likely go off lipitor when I see him in a few months. I'm not sure I want to be part of this great experiment anymore. ... (3 replies)
... mg of immediate release niacin for HDL. Which raises it nicely, doctors happy here. Doesn't do anything for LDL though. I also told him that it will raise my blood sugar, said he'd look it up. Treating me as a diabetic. Said i'd stop taking metformin. He agreed. ... (8 replies)
... Lemon. Naturally I watch my diet, especially carbs, as my blood sugar has been averaging about 112, and I don't want it going up any further, plus it helps keeps Trigs down. ... (15 replies)
... My daughter was just told her cholesterol is a bit high, as is her BP and blood sugar, but at least her dr. told her she thinks if she loses weight and gets some exercise, she can bring everything down to a normal level. ... (29 replies)
... Dak...Just take it one day at a time, and slowly try and let your dad do things for himself, just don't push. Hopefully all in good time things will improve. My husband was on them for 7 years, and read my post below, it does take a lil time before things get back to a normal routine. Take care, and best of wishes to your dad..... :wave: (11 replies)
... sband are two different men. But I guess I am looking for similarities. Anything at all. My Dad is diabetic..... and I have heard too that statins can elevate blood sugar. We tell Mom to let Dad do things on his own too..... not to try and do everything for him. I will keep you up to date. ... (11 replies)
Lipitor and tricor
Sep 28, 2004
... complex carbs are good guys and are harder to digest, low in fat and cause a much slower insulin reaction. Simple carbs are bad guys, they crank blood sugar up quickly and make you hungrier. ...okay..they also taste good. ... (24 replies)

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