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... and had a naturally slow heart rate and they occurred most often when I was resting. ... (9 replies)
... believe me, I am in the same boat. I hate taking medications to begin with because I always get some sort of bad reaction from hives, increase of palpitations, heart rate increasing, nausea, you name it! ... (15 replies)
... Odd question I know but I am supposed to be picking up my Lipitor perscritpion on Friday and I forgot to ask my Dr if it decreases the heart rate or BP. If it does would it be significantly decreased? ... (15 replies)

... em for a few days just for a short period of time, then they started lasting longer. It was almost always in the afternoons or evenings. He was recently put on Lipitor for his slightly elevated total cholesterol and high LDL. He has been taking Lisinopril for blood pressure for about a year. ... (9 replies)
... atrial fibrillation. My mom has atrial fib, she has been taking statins for years and was switched to Lipitor a few years ago. I have been wondering if the statin drugs or her high blood pressure medication caused her heart problem. ... (15 replies)
... was going to order a stress test for her and he said no!! Well, I told him off, so he ordered one. While she was on the treadmill another cardiologist saw her heart race and immediately got her off the treadmill. and determined she has atrial fib by monitoring her. ... (15 replies)
... arm discomfort is a heart attack. ... (8 replies)
... ng much exercising as he is very tired all the time. In my opinion, it is from taking the BP and cholesterol meds. Lisinopril and Lipitor. Since he started the Lipitor in early Feb, he is worn out with just minimal effort. His GP said taking them together wouldn't cause him to be tired. ... (9 replies)
... told her she knew the answer to that question already. Sometimes I don't think she wants to accept that some doctors may not have the patients best interests at heart any longer. ... (15 replies)
... Why not give Lipitor a try? ... (15 replies)
... Hi Flower and Lovely, Thanks for your responses to my post which made me feel better. Mom will never admit her doc made a mistake with Dad, even though the oncologist told her my father should have had chemo after his colon surgery, and she will never admit I might have saved her life by demanding the cardiologist give her a stress test. That's how her atrial fib was... (15 replies)
... Lovely one, these are my numbers. Quite an improvement after the first two months of 10g Lipitor. The last labs were done 3 months later. Feb Total C 235 HDL 42.6 LDL 166.4 TRIG 131 Ratio 5.6 April Total C 169 HDL 46.4 LDL 108.4 TRIG 71.7 Ratio 3.6 July Total C 143 HDL 42.6 LDL 81.2 TRIG 91.1 Ratio 3.2 For raising HDL,... (15 replies)
... Jackal, what does your mom's doctor think? Does he think her problem was caused by her medications? Does he think it's possible? I am just wondering if there have been any documented cases of this happening. Flowergirl (15 replies)
... So you don't think statins do ANYONE any good? Well, you are wrong my friend, but certainly entitled to your opinion. :D BTW>>>what were your #s? That would be interesting. Oh another thing for your *research* ;) : (76 replies)
... My MD prescribed Lipitor to reduce cholesterol. After filling the prescription, decided to start doing research. ... (76 replies)
... the people with heart attacks have normal cholesterol. If cholesterol is the final answer, then cholesterol lowering medication ought to improve the risk of heart attack more then 1. ... (76 replies)
... I just got back from my primary today and was getting results for lab work he had done. I have been having heart palptations and also symptoms that were pointing to diabetes. So he did a full work up. My diabetic test were excellent. ... (5 replies)
... reduction in the rate of vascular events. ... (76 replies)
... Hello folks, I'm posting here because my Doctor wants me on Lipitor for high LDL but if possible I would rather go the diet route. Not asking anyone to contradict my Doctor, but is it possible diet is playing a role? ... (3 replies)
... Given that 80 mg. Lipitor is a HUGE dose compared to 80 mg. Zocor, I find that claim to be unlikely. Did they even TEST Lipitor? ... (2 replies)

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