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... There are a couple of other things that you will probably want to investigate since you really didn't explain what type of liver problems you are having. You should have yourself screened for all forms of hepatitis, especially hep C. ... (4 replies)
... The standard for determining liver function profiles from any of the cholesterol lowering drugs, statins like lipitor included, is if the tests determine if your liver functions are exceeded by three times the normal limit. ... (4 replies)
... which I took for about a year and a half. I am now having some problems with my liver, which may have resulted from the Lipitor use, but there's really no way to tell that. ... (4 replies)

... I would be interested in knowing what symptoms you are experiencing with a liver problem. My dosage was increased from 10 mg. to 40 mg. of Lipitor and I am all over the place with problems and symptoms. Just wondering what symptoms I should look for with a liver problem. ... (4 replies)
... ed achy mess for so long. All he could do was eat, sleep and work, and had to retire early due to being so exhausted all the time. This past Oct. he went off the Lipitor to see how he would feel, and he started to feel HUMAN!! Naturally his cholesterol went up again, but he refuses to go back on any Stain drug. The family Dr. ... (4 replies)
... I read at the site that lipitor is "Lipitor is not for everyone including those with liver disease or possible liver problems... ... (1 replies)
... because my primary doctor wanted to know if Lipitor affect my liver system. ... (9 replies)
... Also diltiazem will not let the body rid it self of the Lipitor, in effect letting it build up in her body to a toxic level. They never did any CK test on her liver to test for muscle damage. ... (9 replies)
Liver Problems
Nov 4, 2004
... Your friend needs a new doctor and FAST. Any doctor that goes from 10mg of Lipitor to the highest dosage of 80mg needs to be reported to AMA. Especially with someone that already has liver problems. ... (2 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
May 15, 2001
... But my liver enzymes went back to normal after six years!!!!! ... (33 replies)
... If she had problems with Lipitor, she just may be having problems with the Zocor. I looked it up and anyone with elevated liver enzymes should not use it, and U said she had it with Lipitor. ... (12 replies)
... Husband has been on Lipitor for a year and a half. Shortly after starting on it he got this weird rash on his legs that wouldn't heal. ... (4 replies)
... after all I've been doing that for over 40 years and my routine blood work never showed any liver issues. ... (9 replies)
... My doctor has suggested that I take Lipitor due to high cholesterol levels. ... (2 replies)
... I saw my primary doctor on April 19, when I asked him if higher bilirubin means that liver was effected even AST and ALT are normal. ... (9 replies)
... cations, the less chance you mother has of recovering. I can't believe that the doctor is such an idiot to put her on another lipid lowering medication with her liver in that shape. ... (12 replies)
... Hi ZOEB, I was browsing through old posts. Your side effects from Lipitor are very typical. And don't let anyone tell you that most people can tolerate statins. Side effects are seriously under reported. ... (25 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Feb 26, 2001
... are also toxic to our livers. Do we really want to try this stuff for thirty years, only to die sooner from liver disease or cancer? ... (33 replies)
... Yea, some wonder drug eh... On the plus side their are natural alternatives that are just as effective and wont do a complete wreck on your husband's body. (24 replies)
... First of all I would call your doctor incompetent , you do not take these drugs without doing blood tests every 3 months or so because this can happen taking these so called wonder drugs , this serious problem is called Rhabdomyolysis . These drugs can cause a myriad of problems and if you ever took the time to read the side effects it would scare you . They totally... (24 replies)

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