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... d to close friend who I figured had been taking the drug. After three years, he's suffering serious muscle problems, to the point of it hurts him just to walk. Liver tests are only slightly higher then normal. Dr. Golomb is running an independent, govt funded, evaluation of statin side affects. ... (76 replies)
... Zetia is relatively NEW and many Drs just don't want to "fix it if it ain't broke". That's realy too bad, since Zetia is a very safe drug and does not effect the liver directly. ... (8 replies)
... I've been on a statin for several years. Been on 20 mg Lipitor for the last 5 months. ... (25 replies)

... I cut down on my ptu for graves disease and that seems to be helping my stomach. So, maybe its not the lipitor that was causing the problem. I will be able to tell in a few days. Two weeks ago had liver function test and thyroid. They said everything was okay. ... (18 replies)
... You are alarmed. That's a good thing. My girlfriend's mother is 65 years old. She was on Lipitor for over a year. Her last set of liver studies were way out of whack and her doctor discontinued it. ... (9 replies)
... can do this. Insurance and Medicare will pay for it. A NORMAL SERUM MAGNESIUM WILL NOT WORK. IT MUST BE INTRACELLULAR. Believe me, my mother nearly died from Lipitor and Diltiazem, and the resulting low CoQ10 and low magnesium. ... (29 replies)
... d me that she new a some people who have apparently had to have their teeth removed due to their gums loosening while on Lipitor. Now I have heard about possible liver damage, but nothing about this. ... (9 replies)
... for 2weeks and now 1 a day. Was having evelvated liver enzymes from lipitor. Does anyone know if this stuff really works ? ... (0 replies)
... You should have blood work done every 3 months to check to make sure your liver is not being affected . ... (2 replies)
... I've been hoping to get off Lipitor (been on for about 1 year) since reading all the bad things. Anyone here have pain from it without the bloodtest showing a problem (liver enzyme)? What was it like? Lately, I have aches and pains from head to toe, foggy feeling and I'm often feeling aggressive/anxiety. The pains sometimes only last a few seconds. I called the doc today... (28 replies)
Lipitor sweating
Jan 17, 2002
... JJ, Thank you for your quick reply. I have already decided to go off Lipitor. Reading the insert and reading several webpages I am thinking the liver damage risk is too great. ... (3 replies)
Lipitor and niacin
Aug 25, 2001
... One of the things I'm sure I read was not to take Lipitor with niacin. Has your doctor been checking your liver enzymes? ... (4 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Feb 28, 2001
... fects at the present time. This is after having major side effects from Lipitor, Zocor, and Baycol. I have only been taking P. for 2 mo. but already have had a liver test and no damage so far. I am on 20mg. and it has helped all of my numbers. They are now normal. ... (33 replies)
... I was on lipitor 10 mg for a couple months...and my MD then increased my daily dosage to 20 mg a couple months ago. I have not noticed any negative effects. ... (2 replies)
... I am getting liver spots. I am 47 by the way, not exactly liver spot territory. ... (3 replies)
... update....hives and itching now only 40% of my body.. thank to all who gave me some input...wish me luck ! (9 replies)
... Peny, :) As you know, culture and genes play a key role in cholesterol production in our livers. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to manufature a lot of cholesterol. When that is the case, the dietary cholesterol intake is of little or no consequence. Others find that their metabolic reactions are not functioning properly, because they are ill or aging. This... (4 replies)
... No Reason I Can't I Suppose, Just Don't Want To End Up Like Bill Clinton When He Went Off His Zocor. Have Any Of You Just Went Off? How Long Before The Lipids Soar Again? I Also Hear Cod Liver Oil Is Good To Be On, Better Than Fish Oil Cause They May Have Harmful Mercury In Them Where Cod Liver Oil Would Not, Thanks Mark And Lenin (15 replies)
... Using your analogy though, would it be prudent for someone to take a daily antibiotic "just in case?" In the vitamin world we have all been treated to inflated claims for: megadosing with many grams Vitamin C to cure EVERYTHING, megadising Vitamin E for sexual prowess, huge doses Vitamin B-1 and B-2 for our "nerves," tea tree oil for everythin skin related, policosanol... (6 replies)
... Liver enzymes do not have to soar to indicate that there is a malfunction in the liver. (19 replies)

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