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... I finally received my LipoProfile results and really am not sure I understand except that I am at a significant risk for Cardiovascular issues. Can anyone interpret? ... (6 replies)
... that look at additional factors that might be causing the premature development of CHD, which afflicted me. A few years back, I had mine done by NMR lipoprofile analysis, and there was a company in NC that would do the breakdown. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Jacqueline: Lets see where to begin (the VAP is similar to an NMR lipoprofile): They have fractionated the HDL into two types, the non-beneficial dense HDL, and the buoyant beneficial form. Your total HDL is 55, of which 12 is the better form, 43 is the more dense form. I too started off with almost all my HDL as dense. Exercise and weight loss brought it such that... (9 replies)

Aug 8, 2003
... is after being off of Niaspan for months. That 2nd lipoprofile with the 102 cholesterol, and on niacin, was when I was about 180 lbs or so. ... (6 replies)
... I had mentioned that I would post my latest lipoprofile results. I have also worked up my last 1. ... (17 replies)
... ranges for CRP, those sound right. I didn't mean to say 1.5 was bad by saying it was elevated. I wish I had known mine prior to my MI. The first time I had a lipoprofile to look at my CRP, it was 6 mos post MI, after I had been walking for 6 mos, changed dieat, and lost about 40 lbs. At that time my CRP was 0.93. ... (22 replies)
... Arkie6, To answer your question again, I do have some additional and corrected values. One day I will go back and look up all my tests in the past 5 years for comparison of pre and post-MI. From a recent report issued to me(through work) on my history: 8/29/1997 BP 170/112 Chol: 269 Glucose:124 Wt: 220 3/29/2000 NR NR Glucose:348 Wt: 227... (9 replies)
... Not a typo last 3 profiles were: 96 (Routine physical draw, July) 100 (NMR lipoprofile in August) 94 (another NMR lipoprofile in October). I am pretty sure on those numbers above, and have the exact values of what is below at home. From memory, the breakdown of cholesterol and triglyercides were: HDL was 37, Triglycerides 51, and LDL was 47 Prior to... (9 replies)
... Okay, you have me digging for my tape measurer :) My waist is just 2 inches under half my height and right at .8 of my hips, so maybe that is an area I need to work on! My doctor is really concerned about the whole cholesteral, HBP, glucose issue but I feel frustrated (and so does he) because he cannot start me on any meds at this point. I donot know my past fasting... (6 replies)
... You may want to check your waistline at navel level; it should be less than half your height and (for a woman) less than 0.8 of your hip. Even if body fat is not too high, increased exercise intensity (e.g. walking faster and/or running, lifting heavier weights and/or training more muscle groups) could still help with raising HDL, lowering blood pressure, and improving... (6 replies)
... Wow, thank you so much for the info! I really don't think that body fat/weight is the issue; I only weigh 109 lbs. and do weight train twice a week on top of my walking. I do, however, eat quite a bit of pasta, although not a lot of sugar. I guess my best bet would be to get more informed about high glycemic index carbohydrates, etc. and work on that area. My glucose... (6 replies)
... Note that even if you are within the "normal weight range", you could have high body fat, a situation sometimes called "normal weight obesity" by scientists and "skinny fat" by fitness people (there have been some recent studies on how that increases risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, heart disease, etc. that are usually associated with obesity; a few days... (6 replies)
... tjlhb, My doctor does say I have Metobolic Syndrome-I have HBP, borderline glucose readings and he said because I have small LDL, low HDL etc., I am at risk (my mother just got out of the hospital yesterday with 3 blocked arteries). What I don't understand is that I am not overweight, walk 3-4 miles 5 times a week and try to watch what I eat, so other than heredity, why... (6 replies)
... Generally, small dense LDL is considered more dangerous than large buoyant LDL. You will have to check the reference ranges on the report to see what they consider "small" (in terms of LDL particle size) and "numerous" (in terms of the number of small LDL particles). Your doctor should be able to expand more on the subject, since presumably she recommended the test. Large... (6 replies)
... I'm switching my PC Physician and have my first appointment tomorrow AM. I'm going to push for a NMR LipoProfile Test, this seems to provide important information thats lacking in the typical cholesterol test. ... (11 replies)
Extremely High LDL
Jul 24, 2007
... I've been on an exercise program and I'm not overweight. The doctor feels it must be heridetary. The doc. wants to put me on Vytorin. I asked if he would do a LipoProfile to see if they are the small or large particles and he hasn't responded back to the fax I sent to him requesting this yesterday. ... (13 replies)
... Bingo, my faults exactly. (4 replies)
... Maybe because he needs the money... (4 replies)
... But the thing that gets me is instead of telling me what he wants me to do, he writes on the lab that he needs to see me. Why can't he just tell me what I need to do?? If he wants to put me on meds why do I need to come back and talk to him?? I mean he has the lab work already. (4 replies)
... I have been fighting high cholesterol for 6 years and to make a long story short I don't take any statins. I did have the new test and my numbers were higher than that. The Dr has me on Niasipan and I'm taking an 81mg aspirin. I was taking Zetia but stopped when I had some stomache problems. (4 replies)

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