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... trength. It certainly would be worth asking your doctor about switching and voicing your concern about reducing your cost. Let us know what he says. I believe lovastatin is now available in generic form, which is probably the reason that the cost is so much less than Lipitor. ... (8 replies)
... Mmmm, I thought that Pravachol was the weakest?? No? After problems with Lipitor and Zocor (muscle pain and weakness some limited numbness) I was put on Zetia. That's just causing a lot of digestive issues which I already had following the statin problems with Lipitor and Zocor. I am now taking Nexium which seems to be working but....will I be OK after I stop taking Nexium....... (10 replies)
... Won't work! In fact, even 80 mgs of Lovastatin is not as potent as 10 mg Lipitor! ... (8 replies)

... pass, a new doctor suggested Lipitor and I asked him if I could try 10 mg. Lovastatin. Lovastatin got my cholesterol down to 131, with no side effects, yet. ... (8 replies)
... d that I gained about 3 to 4 pounds and was much hungrier during the evening. After battling this side effect for the past 2 years I have switched to taking the lovastatin at lunch time. Now after 3 to 4 weeks my weight has returned to its normal range. ... (0 replies)
... I agree with you 100% Lenin (except about the Lovastatin). When I was taking the Zocor I was splitting to 5mg so I'll be anxious to see if I can get by on that amount although he did say hopefully I won't need to take anything but I doubt it. (14 replies)
... You may not be able to imagine an insurance company allowing only lovastatin but if I want to pay only 10.00 copay that is the only thing they allow. I tried to get the generic Zocor but they will only cover if I pay 60.00 for it. ... (12 replies)
... That lovastatin is the same drug as red yeast rice provides. ... (10 replies)
... Brendap, I took 10 mg of Lipitor for a few years and it did a great job of lowering the cholesterol and like you I wanted to save some money so asked to be switched to Lovastatin. Lovastatin is the generic of another older statin I think Me****r (sp?). I was told I would have to start at 20mg since it didn't come in 10mg. It is not as strong as Lipitor but nevertheless I had... (8 replies)
... Several years ago my doctor(s) told me to do the following: Double my dose of Advicor (1000 mg SR Niacin - 20 Mg Lovastatin) I had been taking 1 per day; went to 2 per day Take 1000 mg Fish Oil capsules - 2 per day. My total cholesteral was already within range, my good cholesteral was lower range. My total and bad cholesteral (& triglycerides) dropped like a... (1 replies)
Lovastatin anyone
Apr 16, 2011
... I switched from Lipitor to Lovastatin due to cost , but now having weird symptoms . my neck has been stiff for 4 days and now my vision is blurry. has anyone had that happen. ... (3 replies)
... I questioned my dr regarding changing my diet and exercise so i wouldnt have to be on lovastatin he said that my number was at the point where i need medicine to help. ... (5 replies)
... Ok so I have been taking Lisinopril and Lovastatin for about 4 months and have gradually developed this constant coughing. ... (0 replies)
... with no bad effects and my tc dropped 20 pts in one month. Other levels dropped also. My doctor says I should take lovastatin since it is the same and cheaper then the ryr. He prescribed 20mg. is this equilivant to 600mg ryr? ... (6 replies)
... I have been on lovastatin (Mevacor) for 9 months with no side effects. It is the weakest of the statin family since it has been around 20 years. Zocor (simvastatin), Lipitor, and Crestor are much stronger than lovastatin. My guess is that you will probaly have similar side effects with any statin. I would not take these drugs if I had muscle weakness. That "rare but... (10 replies)
... I have been on 10 mg a day of lovastatin for 6 weeks now. The last two days my shoulders and arms have been killing me. ... (8 replies)
... What your doctor was saying is that lovastatin is "crap" because it is too weak... it IS. ... (14 replies)
... w Goldenboys, I can hardly believe my eyes. Now there is a doctor I would like to call my own. I do agree with him but perhaps I am just someone who can not take Lovastatin without having terrible side effects. I know that after the Lovastatin experience I would not take any statin. ... (14 replies)
... Well finally got to see my new doctor and he was shocked I was on lovastatin. Said it was nothing but crap & for me to stop taking it immediately!!! Said the 10mg of zocor I was orginally taking I would have to take 40mg of lovastatin to get the same benefit & that was even doubtful. Now what shocked me more was when he said he wasn't a fan of statins in general but... (14 replies)
... I agree.....check the fine print. On my insurance, they will try and steer you over to the generics and the companies that have cut deals with them. So I can get any generic for $10. The ones that they have deals with (like Zocor) would cost me $20. But, if you read further in the fine print, I can have any brand name (like Lipitor or Pravachol, etc for $30.) My plan (if my... (12 replies)

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