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... The nurse that did my test at the health club last week said that it is very unusual to have such low triglycerides with such a high LDL reading. ... (5 replies)
... Actually, the extracts of Red Yeast Rice, contain starch, sterols, isoflavones, and monounsaturated fatty acids. Depending on the Monascus strains used and the fermentation conditions, it may contain polyketides called monacolins. One of these monacolins is named 'Monacolin K', typically 0.2% per 5 mg as compared to 20–40 mg of the drug lovastatin (Mevacor, Altocor), which... (10 replies)
... And, are my tests ridiculously high because I did some heavy drinking in the days leading up to to the test... ... (3 replies)

... Should I stay on the Atkins and take the meds, go off the Atkins and try the same old low fat diets that never did anything for me before but not take the meds, stay on Atkins but cut out eggs, cheese,bacon, etc. ... (7 replies)
... I had a lipid panel done last week and will be seeing my Doctor next week. I have been on a low fat diet for the last 3 months. Wondering if my levels indicate needing meds? ... (2 replies)
... LDL cholesterol can be broken down into two kinds, pattern A and pattern B. LDL pattern A is large fluffy particles that are less dense than pattern B and not easily oxidized. ... (5 replies)
... Yes and no. Will a low fat diet? ... (6 replies)
... HDL ratio should be 2.5 or less. Yours is 2.2, which is within the range. The two factors which are really in your favor are your high HDL and low triglycerides. ... (8 replies)
... For men, an HDL level under 40 is low. ... (25 replies)
... don't really know what cholesterol, cholesterol esters, HDL's, LDL's, VLDL's, and triglycerides really are. There is very little free cholesterol in the blood. Almost all of it is colesterol reacted with fatty acids resulting in cholesterol esters. ... (1 replies)
... After last year result, I found out i have high cholesterol, high LDL, low hdl, and High Tri. , I decided to look around available supplement. FYI, I believe my cholesterol is heritage, so there are so much I can do to control it. ... (13 replies)
... s, some of European descent, and some a little bit of everything. These people of different cultures ate different types of food throughout history. Some where high in protein and fat from animal sources and low in carbohydrate, and some were higher in carbohydrate and lower in animal products. ... (13 replies)
... n for 4 caps daily for 6 months. I didn't know what Lovaza was until I got home and visited the Lovaza website indicating the product is designed to lower "very high triglycerides" and may increase LDL. My triglycerides are already normal and I need to lower my LDL, so why would my doctor prescribe Lovaza? ... (5 replies)
... I believe that a high HDL is partly determined by genetics, but that diet can also have a significant influence. ... (9 replies)
... I've also started taking CoQ10 on his recommendation. He wanted to drop my LDL below 70. ... (1 replies)
... Arizona, I went to the dr today for bp check and got a look at my file. My tc was not 335, but 317, my hdl was 65, my ldl 225 and trigs were 139. the nurse said the trigs were not bad, she seemed impress. So my ? ... (34 replies)
High hdl
Oct 19, 2009
... Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + VLDL VLDL is approximated by triglycerides / 5 for "normal" values of triglycerides. Your HDL is high (good), LDL is borderline high (bad); added together make for a higher than "normal" total cholesterol level. But that is not as useful as knowing HDL and LDL (if your total cholesterol is high because only your HDL is high while your LDL... (10 replies)
... and continuing the low saturated fat diet. Switched out white rice for brown rice whenever possible, etc. Eliminated eating at restaurants almost completely. ... (5 replies)
... I'm very surprised that your GP has not picked up on the unusually low HDL lipid figure. ... (2 replies)
... Do you have high bloodpressure? ... (9 replies)

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