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... ink you're probably right about the protective effects of HDL. Any doctor who ignores that is probably just pandering to the drug companies. The key is to have a high HDL with low triglycerides. And if you already have that, then LDL is most likely irrevelant. ... (27 replies)
... but my LDL is still high. I can't remember how high it is, but my total cholesterol was around 212. ... (16 replies)
... You sound like me when I was first diagnosed with high cholesterol. ... (35 replies)

... AND once you start statins, it's a lifelong commitment. You stop and your numbers go back up unless you alter your eating habits. The low fat, low cholesterol diet is not effective either. Your body needs fat, protein and conplex carbs. ... (23 replies)
... C to HDL ratio of 2.7 that puts you in the lowest category of risk. Anything under 3.3 is considered very low risk. ... (35 replies)
... And, are my tests ridiculously high because I did some heavy drinking in the days leading up to to the test... ... (3 replies)
... Well I know most everyone I know tells me their drs. are not a bit concerned about their numbers if their HDL is really good, of course providing their other numbers aren't off the wall. ... (27 replies)
... I already exercised, and was not overweight. I still exercise and only weigh 2 pounds less since I have changed my diet. Maybe my HDL will go down and my TG will go up now because of this? ... (12 replies)
... I think you're fine. The LDL wouldn't be considered high if your total cholesterol was 200 or less. So, you're not far off the norm. And the HDL pretty mich overrides all that as HDL in that range is exceedingly good for you. ... (1 replies)
... Her HDL went up to 100 and her TC was around 250 while on Atkins. ... (2 replies)
... especially a high LDL but, thankfully, also a high HDL count and low triglycerides. ... (8 replies)
... Hello folks, I'm posting here because my Doctor wants me on Lipitor for high LDL but if possible I would rather go the diet route. Not asking anyone to contradict my Doctor, but is it possible diet is playing a role? ... (3 replies)
... Anyway, in Dec. 2010, my cholesterol came back at 247!! My thyroid levels were within normal range, nothing else showed up High or Low. ... (4 replies)
High HDL
Apr 3, 2004
... If the numbers you have provided are correct, then your triglycerides must be only around 30, which is excellent. Actually, I completely agree with you. I don't understand why your doctor is so concerned. ... (4 replies)
... No you should not ignore the high total cholesterol nor the high probable LDL and triglycerides. ... (2 replies)
Sep 29, 2004
... great info there. I eat a low carb diet, have been for four years now and continue to have low trigs and high HDL. There is a direct correlation between carbohydrate intake and trig numbers. ... (11 replies)
... Should I stay on the Atkins and take the meds, go off the Atkins and try the same old low fat diets that never did anything for me before but not take the meds, stay on Atkins but cut out eggs, cheese,bacon, etc. ... (7 replies)
... You need to look at the ratio, not the total number. You are actually in the low risk category with a ratio of 2. ... (2 replies)
... Smoking, drinking alcohol, and inactivity are non-dietary things that raise triglycerides. Good luck on figuring out what's up Pup (4 replies)
... is low carb high fat the way to go? ... (1 replies)

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