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Weird Cholesterol
Oct 22, 2004
... Those are excellent numbers, especially your high HDL level and very low triglyceride level. And don't worry about that LDL of 170 because that number isn't accurate. ... (7 replies)
... fat diet will tend to elevate triglycerides and lower HDL. In regards to HDL and triglycerides, as one goes up, the other tends to come down. ... (7 replies)
... C is produced in the liver and small intestine. It is composed of hundreds to thousands of triglycerides and cholesteryl ester particles that are covered by a surface monolayer of phospholipids, a small quantity of free cholesterol, and one or more apolipoproteins. ... (19 replies)

Niacin and zocor
Jan 17, 2003
... Pattern A is more closely associated high HDL and low triglycerides, and is more of a light, fluffy consistency. ... (28 replies)
... Do you have high bloodpressure? ... (9 replies)
... maybe some fruit if my blood glucose is on the low side. I am still working on this. ... (26 replies)
... Why do I not advocate diets very low in meat and eggs? ... (12 replies)
... or a low HDL to keep their triglycerides or HDL from worsening. ... (3 replies)
... He is an alcoholic who has been sober for 2 years now, and when he first quit, he was diagnosed with diabetes and his triglycerides were over 1100. ... (2 replies)
Oct 5, 2004
... You guys might find this interesting, I did from several angles: (excuse the cut and paste but I'm a bit gun-shy about posting links on these boards.) (11 replies)
... The doctor is the best person to help with this question but what I don't understand is the reduction in his HDL. At first they said the HDL was 56 which is good but the second time his HDL was 30 and that is low. His HDL should be over 40. ... (3 replies)
... While I would agree that the total cholesterol level is, for the most part irrelevant, there is a definite distinction between HDL and LDL. Oxidized cholesterol is bound to LDL while unoxidized cholesterol is bound to HDL. ... (15 replies)
... To tell you the truth, I never started taking a garlic supplement to increase my HDL. In fact, I didn't really care or think too much about HDL and cholesterol back then. ... (26 replies)
... Arizona, I went to the dr today for bp check and got a look at my file. My tc was not 335, but 317, my hdl was 65, my ldl 225 and trigs were 139. the nurse said the trigs were not bad, she seemed impress. So my ? ... (34 replies)
... What has your history of HDL readings been? ... (26 replies)
... A combo of high triglycerides and low HDL is often called metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X and is related to poor sugar control and pre or actual diabetes and obesity, especially big bellies. ... (2 replies)
... tion of carbohydrates would be a step in the right direction, as this often results in a marked decline in triglycerides, and quite often an increase in the good HDL cholesterol. ... (10 replies)
... Do you have any other risk factors for heart disease such as smoking, being overweight, high bloodpressure, high bloodsugar levels, or family history of heart disease or diabetes? ... (5 replies)
... n for 4 caps daily for 6 months. I didn't know what Lovaza was until I got home and visited the Lovaza website indicating the product is designed to lower "very high triglycerides" and may increase LDL. My triglycerides are already normal and I need to lower my LDL, so why would my doctor prescribe Lovaza? ... (5 replies)
May 31, 2010
... I'm 62 and over the many years whenever I've had a cholersterol test that's shown me on the high side I diet in a disciplined way for several months eating low fat and low cholesterol food plus regular excercise and in every case my overall and bad cholesterol has gone back within the normal ranges. ... (6 replies)

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