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... Well, everyone is different as to how their system can process any drug. I was on Lipitor 20mg for over a year. Muscle aches were almost an everyday thing. ... (10 replies)
... I've been on a statin for several years. Been on 20 mg Lipitor for the last 5 months. ... (25 replies)
... I agree with taking 10mg of Lipitor to start. I am one who cannot take Statins any longer because of muscle weakness in legs, but there are thousand who benifit from this drug. One caution is advised however, if you start getting aches in your legs or shoulders, stop imediately. You will know when to stop, believe me. ... (18 replies)

... They did the same thing to me. When I couldn't tolerate Lipitor they shoved meon Baycol. Finally I got totally ticked off and tossed em, then they put me on Welchol, don't lose that stuff either. ... (6 replies)
... After just over one year of being on Lipitor, I'm just so tired of the aches and pains that I am going off of it. I've been on Zocor, and Pravachol in the past. ... (28 replies)
Coq10 Testimonials
Mar 15, 2005
... I would like to hear from anyone taking Coq10 with a statin and if it has provided any noticable effect for them.... Are they less tired or have less muscle aches when they were using statin alone. ... (4 replies)
... ck you spoke of Lipitor, not fighting my ins. co. and just taking it over Zocor. Before I took anything I read these posts and found that many were experiencing muscle aches and pains from Lipitor, and no so much from Zocor. Although some did had a reaction to Zocor. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Hubble! Question - how long were you on the Lipitor? I was on for 4 months - have been off for 3 months - still having major aches/pains/soreness/weakness in arms/legs, but especially wrist and feet. Mark (18 replies)
May 3, 2004
... it improved my blood lipid profile dramatically from near death to lowest risk! ... (1 replies)
... Now I am on 20 MG of Zocor. I do take 100mg of COQ10 (which my Dr. said I did not need but that it would not hurt to take them). My numbers from a test just a few weeks ago; Total-154 HDL-46 LDL-82 Trigly-130 I'm still waiting to get back my homocystine level. Thanks to all that have offered advice and informaton for me...I appreciate your time. (13 replies)
... As far as drs. telling U your pains and aches are from statins is almost impossible, I'm surprised your's even said yes. No matter how much I tried to tell my drs. it was the statins they told me ...NO way!! ... (12 replies)
For Dave345
May 22, 2001
... JJ, I have been completely off statins for eighteen months now. I stopped the lipitor just before Thanksgiving in '99, three weeks prior to having my second knee reconstruction. ... (8 replies)
... The typical aches and pains you refer to as we age is NOT what most experience who have had serious side effects from statins. These muscle pains are debilitating and chronic. ... (95 replies)
... As far as muscle aches, I have a little, but not bad at all. The extreme hair thinning always has been my problem and not the aches. TG. I am assuming the aches I do have probably is from the statin drug. But at least it's not as bad as I have heard others say that they had. ... (16 replies)
... f Pravachol and have been for over two years. Ironically, we both started taking at the same time. And even more strange is that we both began experiencing the muscle aches and pains in the exact locations of our bodies at nearly the same time. ... (11 replies)
... If I had persistent muscle pain on a daily basis, I'd be very concerned too. That's not normal. ... (10 replies)
... No statins, was on Lipitor and Baycol, MAJOR GI problems, weakness, and developed high BP. Strange, for 59 yrs. it was very low.. ... (16 replies)
... Just a reminder to everyone who has experienced major adverse reactions to any drug - REPORT YOUR ADVERSE REACTION TO THE FDA. You probably can't count on your doctor doing so. Here is a quote from the FDA MedWatch page: Examples of the adverse events you can report: Here is a link from which you can start your report: ... (18 replies)
... I go back on the 4th of June to see if my levels have gone down. I'm taking Lipitor to help. I'm also fighting with high blood pressure. ... (1 replies)
... brought my LDL from 275 to 140 in just 10 days. ... (3 replies)

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