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... niacin at bedtime. Why? ... (6 replies)
... she should check your liver enzymes, as high dose niacin can eventually affect your liver. ... (9 replies)
... ily for the past three years. It has worked great but my Doctor told me to stop the Red Yest Rice two days ago and now he has me taking 2,000mg immediate release Niacin at bedtime. The flush is intense but I am used to it and it does not bother me. My numbers this past August were as fallows. ... (13 replies)

... s orders. I started on 500mg and my Doctor worked me up to now 2,000mg immediate release at bedtime. I am tolerating it very well now and the flush does not bother me at all. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Ventureman, I agree with you completely and know that Niaspan is an excellent option for those that do not want to take statins. I can not attest but what I have heard from many Niaspan has worked great them. I am happy I stopped slo-niacin. My Doctor said no way with slo-niacin as you mentioned it can cause all sorts of problems with long time usage since the... (23 replies)
Dec 18, 2007
... To give you your answer, niacin is most theriputic at 2000 mg a day. It is best taken at bedtime, for the best results. ... (6 replies)
... If you have insurance that pays for prescriptions... I'd blow by the immediate release niacin and try Niaspan... you will get was less side effects than the immediate release. ... (23 replies)
... I've been taking 2000mg immediate release Niacin every night for about 3 months. ... (7 replies)
... To reduce the chance of side effects, Niaspan therapy is usually started at a low dosage and gradually increased. If you stop taking Niaspan for an extended period, contact your doctor. ... (29 replies)
... ushing the first week, and none thereafter. I am now taking 750 mg, in a divided dose, 250mg 3x daily with meals. I know most people on Niaspan seem to take it at bedtime. That would never work for me, as I am a very light sleeper, and having "night sweats" from the niacin would wake me up for sure. ... (29 replies)
Niaspan ?
Sep 14, 2007
... ok so when I go to the doc on tuesday I will be asking for niaspan and I will take it at bedtime only. what mg would I ask for? ... (13 replies)
... The prescription for Niaspan is to only take it at bedtime. ... (11 replies)
... and if one takes it a Doctor would monitor your liver function. Your numbers are not that bad and I think if you add 1,200mg Red Yeast Rice twice a day with the Niacin it will help significantly. Most importantly diet and exercise are equally important as taking both these supplements. ... (23 replies)
... I did however, get intense chills and the itching, like creepy crawlies the first month I was on Policosanol. I started taking that at bedtime, and don't notice any side effects. ... (8 replies)
Niacin - Flushing?
May 21, 2007
... at bedtime and it's almost NEVER a problem, but if for some reason I awaken in the miiddle of the night and STAY awake, sometimes the flush bothers me a lot. ... (11 replies)
Niaspan ?
Sep 11, 2007
... Thanks for your post. I am now taking 1,000mg time released Niacin at bed time. I meet with my Doctor next week and should get a lipid panel done in the next six months. ... (13 replies)
... My numbers inproved markedly when I started taking niacin all at once... at bedtime. In the beginning, I took it in the morning and in the evening. ... (6 replies)
... Cheers Ventureman will do :) (13 replies)
... I mentioned this in another post... I just found out my Uncle has been on 3000 mg of imediate release niacin for over 6 years now. He says he takes it twice a day. Still gets the flushing, but not too bad... he tolerates it just fine. ... (13 replies)
... I hardly think those numbers warrant a statin. I just started taking RYR at bedtime and will try some IR niacin by gently ramping up. ... (23 replies)

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