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... Your HDL is in the 70's! ... (35 replies)
More on Niacin
Jan 9, 2008
... ly found a treatment that works well for you. I will be going in to see my Doctor in three weeks for my lipid panel. I have been taking 2,000mg immediate release Niacin for six months now. ... (4 replies)
... My doctor said it was fine but he just needed to monitor my liver enzymes several times a year. My HDL went up about 5 points and my TRIGS came down about 100 pts. on that dosage. The SLO niacin lowers total and LDL better than Immediate niacin. ... (42 replies)

... I guess, for some people, they may never be able to naturally increase their HDL levels. I feel I may be one of those as well. ... (34 replies)
Niacin Studies
Oct 23, 2006
... Basically, as stated in Niacin for Lipid Disorders by W. ... (24 replies)
... Glucose can increase a little with Niacin. The benefits of taking Niacin far excceed the increase in Glucose. As long as Glucose keeps under 120. Even diabetics are being prescribed Niacin with beneficial results. ... (3 replies)
... After seeing these results my Doctor wanted me to raise my HDL more as he was not confertable of having my HDL just 2 points above the normal range for men. At that time my Doctor slowly worked me up to take 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin at bed time. ... (17 replies)
Niacin no-flush
Dec 6, 2007
... I ask, as those results are a bit odd for niacin supplementation. Typically, HDL rises, while LDL lowers by a much smaller amount. I have never heard of niacin lowering LDL more than it raises HDL. ... (7 replies)
... I am thinking of stopping the Red Yeast rice and taking 500mg Niacin twice daily. Is this also effective in lowering LDL and TRIG. My LDL and TRIG are great now but I really want to raise my HDL. ... (23 replies)
Niacin Studies
Oct 24, 2006
... Niacin and regular Niacin regimens in terms of uric acid, glucose, insulin or asparate levels. ... (24 replies)
Mar 26, 2006
... I'm afraid U would have to eat an awful lot of food containing Niacin to get the same benifits as a pill. Most folks take about 1,000 mgs of Niacin, and doubt U would get that from foods. ... (8 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 29, 2003
... The highlight is what I'd take heart with. I'd recommend back to the 10 mg. Lipitor and add fish oils to up the HDL and a test of some rather severe low carbbing to lower the triglycerides. ... (6 replies)
More on Niacin
Jan 8, 2008
... The highest my HDL had ever been from previous tests was around 42 so the 52 was a significant improvement and I was very pleased with the test at the time. ... (4 replies)
... Not a bad report Lenin, I think alot of folks would be happy with your results, and hopefully next time will even be better...Good going!!! (42 replies)
... The niacin only got my HDL to 40 rather than the over 50 I can get with booze. ... (42 replies)
... My next test will be in February. This will give me a sold five months on Niacin. On my last lipid panel this past August my HDL was at 42. I was very surprised as I am do high impact cardio 30mins at five days a week. ... (11 replies)
... have to tell you that everything I have read and heard says that Niacinamide will not lower your cholesterol or raise your HDL, there are more then one types of Niacin and that one is used for many things but mostly for arthritis but not for cholesterol. ... (3 replies)
Niaspan vs. Niacin
Jul 13, 2006
... and raise the HDL and got good results and it wasn't until statins came out that they were advised to switch and he did but as of late he is back to prescribing Niacin again to several patients a week. Not all can take statins. ... (5 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 28, 2003
... total cholesterol was 351, triglycerides were 711, HDL was 39. After starting the 10 mg. Lipitor for 3 months, the total C dropped to 206, and the Trig. to 346, HDL was still 39, and LDL 98. By July '02, total C was 216, trig was 433, HDL was 37. Can't test the LDL if trigs are over 400. Increased Lipitor, then in Nov. ... (6 replies)
... The form of niacin to use may depend on what you're particularly concerned about. ... (12 replies)

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