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... I take one twin labs 1,000mg capsule at bed time. Niaspan is time released Niacin available by prescription only. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks Lord Taff...this has been a tough waiting time now as I am in an extremely gray area and do not know what to expect with 2,000mg immediate release niacin. My Doctor placed my lab orders and I will have a full lipid panel done during the fist week of February. ... (24 replies)
... Yeah... a lot of folks who take that first 500 mg tab of immediate flush niacin without understanding its side effects swear it almost killed them... that niacin is extremely dangerous stuff and should be taken off the market... ... (23 replies)

... release form that contains a "unique" programmed release formula. It's much more expensive, but worth it if the concern over liver damage is there. ... (3 replies)
... ut the particular design of that study that just isn't finding how it works. But then, maybe it doesn't work. It just has been far less studied than either the immediate release or the sustained release, both of which have been shown to lower cholesterol levels. ... (27 replies)
... Plain Immediate Release Niacin and Prescription Extended release NIASPAN will always work. Scientific research has proved this in numerous studies. Physicians prescribe it all the time. ... (47 replies)
... INOSITOL HEX is neither type of Niacin. Not Extended or Immediate release. Niacin is in a class of it's own, hence the name of the substance does not include Niacin. Another form of Niacin is called "Niacinamide". ... (47 replies)
... I have been contemplating for some time now to begin Niacin therapy to help my cholesterol levels. ... (5 replies)
... o happy that I found something that works well for me. I honestly was very worried for some time but my Doctor reassured me I would be fine. I still take 2,000mg immediate release all at once at bed time per my Doctor's orders and was advised to stay the course. I hope I can maintain my numbers. ... (17 replies)
... y HDL more as he was not confertable of having my HDL just 2 points above the normal range for men. At that time my Doctor slowly worked me up to take 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin at bed time. It was a tough journey working my way up to 2,000mg. Now six months later I hardly flush anymore and it does not bother me. ... (17 replies)
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Jan 9, 2008
... lad that you finally found a treatment that works well for you. I will be going in to see my Doctor in three weeks for my lipid panel. I have been taking 2,000mg immediate release Niacin for six months now. ... (4 replies)
... My understanding is immediate release niacin will not hurt your liver... ... (2 replies)
... Considering how sensitive you are to the effects of niacin, especially the immediate-release form, a slow or time-release product may be more suitable for you. Of course, the only caveat is the fact that you are also taking Lipitor, so you naturally need to be more cautious. So, did you finally use up that other niacin, you know, the one you said was about 14 years old?... (42 replies)
... JJ, The time-release niacin which people have been cautioned about is nicotinic acid, not inositol hexanicotinate, which is the flush-free niacin. The flush-free form is much safer. However, if you are taking inositol hexanicotinate for cholesterol, I think you will need to take much more than 100mg in order for it to possibly have much of an effect. I cannot personally... (15 replies)
... a proven treatment like Niacin or say a Statin etc. His main concern was what you advised. He was concerned about the dosage concentration which can and will very from brand to brand. ... (24 replies)
... niacin my Doctor told me can cause a problem as it is released to slowly and has the potential to cause side effects. But immediate release and Niaspan are completely safe. Niaspan is available by RX only. ... (11 replies)
... Rice products sold as supplements. He gave me two options. First was to take a very low dose Statin, I said no way! Then he suggested Niacin. To my understanding Niacin is a proven well documented and very effective treatment for high cholesterol. ... (13 replies)
... I just started immediate release niacin 500mg twice a day totaling 1,000mg. Just have had some flushing and some side effects but was advised with continued use they will subside more. ... (23 replies)
... I would not risk taking Niacin unless you cleared it with your doctor. He needs to find out what's wrong with your liver before you can safely take any Niacin supplements. Niacin in doses sufficient to affect cholesterol is somewhat toxic to the liver. ... (16 replies)
... know when you get your upcoming results. Hopefully, the niacin works for you! My HDL is currently at 36. It's been as low as 26! ... (34 replies)

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