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... is kinder than any immediate release niacin, but a slow start is STILL a good idea. A runaway extended flush is something truly unbearable, among life's worst agonies. ... (29 replies)
... I am a healthy, male with slightly high cholesterol who is now taking immediate release niacin daily. On the bottle of my niacin, which was bought over the counter it states "use under doctor's supervision". I am presently up to 750 mg. ... (10 replies)
... I strongly advise taking niacin under a doctor's care. ... (5 replies)

... When I first started taking immediate release Niacin I started taking 500mg once daily. For the first few weeks and towards the end of my first month on Niacin the flush would become less intense. But when my Doctor increased me to 1,000mg and now 2,000mg the flush got worse. ... (17 replies)
... Sorry in advanced to go off topic as well but namelessme you bring up a very good point and a very important point. Even though Niacin is a very simple B Vitamin when taken in high dosages it acts like a drug and should be treated that way. ... (24 replies)
... Quick up date on the Niacin. Things are continually going well on 2,000mg immediate release daily. I am now in my fifth month of treatment. I just saw my Doctor this Friday and he ordered my lipid panel during the first week of February. ... (24 replies)
Dec 18, 2007
... I would ask your Doctor about prescription Niaspan... has way less flushing than immediate release niacin. ... (6 replies)
... At this point all I can do is hope for the best. All I do know to my understanding and I am no expert by any means is that Niacin is extremely good for cholesterol. Not only does it effectively raise your HDL and raise it turns your HDL to a more proactive size. ... (24 replies)
... I am currently taking 1,000mg Immediate Release Niacin to help boost my HDL. I was wondering what a typical target dosage for Niacin is at? ... (2 replies)
... e last 2 doses did not cause any wierd sensation in the throat. I was reading that IH is supposed to be the best tolerated niacin, and about as effective as the immediate release. ... (34 replies)
Niacin reaction?
Mar 5, 2009
... It is most likely an effect from the fenofibrate. The fenofibrate has it's laundry list of side effects. For Niacin to be therapeutic your dose should be increased to at least 1,000 mg a day after speaking to your doctor. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Lord Taff and Boubou....Thanks for your replays. Only time will tell. I have been on 2,000mg immediate release flush Niacin daily since August. ... (24 replies)
... Things are continually going good on the Niacin. I am still on 2,000mg immediate release at bed time. It will be interesting to see how things work out when I am retested in a few months. ... (13 replies)
... My Doctor today upped my Niacin dosage to 1,500mg taken once at bed time immediate release crystalline Niacin. I wanted to ask you as I know you have been in Niaspan 3,000mg time released for some time. Have you ever had any blood sugar issues? ... (14 replies)
... ACE28, Are you saying that you have also been on Pravachol for the past 3 years, along with the niacin? Pravachol lowered my numbers about 6 years ago until I could hardly walk from the leg weakness and stopped taking it. (29 replies)
... I've been taking niacin approx 3 years, my HDL is about 47. ... (34 replies)
... Arizona, I guess everyone reacts differently to meds and supplements. I had a 'mild' reaction with the IH. I'm purposely taking it slow, and will gradually build up the doseage if I do not notice a significant increase in my HDL. However, I'd be afraid to go as high as 2000-3000mg - I don't know if I could handle that level. The instructions from internet site where I... (34 replies)
... Wow, that must mean that it contains niacin after all. ... (34 replies)
... JJ, Wow, you must REALLY be sensitive to niacin! I didn't think it was even possible to flush from the no-flush niacin. And that was from taking only 100mg? That's incredible! I may occasionally experience a slight flush from taking 250mg of immediate-release niacin, but that's about it. When I tried TwinLab inositol hexanicotinate (640mg), I never felt a thing. Nothing.... (8 replies)
... sustained release products. This information is readily available if you search it out. ... (15 replies)

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