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Jan 15, 2008
... I am going in for my lipid panel next week. I will share my results with everyone. I have been taking 2,000mg immediate release Niacin daily for six months now. ... (4 replies)
... The time has come. My Doctor today moved up my lipid panel and will have it done three weeks from now. I have been taking 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin daily for six months now. It will be very interesting to see how my numbers turn out. I will post my results in full once I receive them. ... (24 replies)
... Hi again Arizona77, Don't really know why you dropped the RYR, as it's multi-gram intake per day for over seven hundred years has not wiped out the Chinese or any other Asian nation's people with Liver or any other organ failure. Until you dropped it's intake it helped you significantly. It is only recently that the western world has discovered that RYR also has... (6 replies)

... My numbers inproved markedly when I started taking niacin all at once... at bedtime. In the beginning, I took it in the morning and in the evening. ... (6 replies)
... I was talking with my Great Uncle last night. He says he's been taking 3000 mg of immediate release niacin for over 6 years now. He swears by it. ... (13 replies)
... My last lipid panel was done this past August and my numbers were OK with my Doctor. The only thing is that my HDL was at 42. Since August I have been taking Niacin immediate release daily and now up to 1,500mg at bed time under my Doctor's care. ... (2 replies)
... First off, I was surprised that your doctor would jump you up at a 1,000 mg level. You are most likely feeling the flush due to this. I am just starting taking IM (immediate release) niacin and I found a chart that tells you to increase dosage gradually over the course of a month, working up to 1,000 mg. I started out with one 250 mg. tab at supper for one week and now I am up... (14 replies)
... Arizona77, can you please tell me if it matters what brand of "immediate release" niacin you are taking? ... (23 replies)
Low Dose Niacin
Feb 7, 2005
... Lenin, I know that you have side effect problems with immediate release products but are concerned about liver enzymes with the sustained release. ... (19 replies)
Jun 30, 2010
... ACE28; Not so sure it is the cheapest. I have a good prescription plan here at work and I can get a 90day supply of 2,500mg per day of NIACOR for $60.00. That amounts to about 13 cents per 500mg tablet. Endurance Products sells plain niacin (immediate release nicotinic acid) for $34.00 for 600 (500mg tabs). That is about 6 cents per tab. I also sent them an e-mail asking... (19 replies)
Niacin Flush
Nov 24, 2007
... ever I have been taking it for several years and I can now take it and watch tv for an hour and not even notice the flush. But I'm taking Niaspan and your taking immediate release. Stick with it, it works! ... (4 replies)
Niacin and liver
Sep 29, 2007
... Thanks for your replay. I have been taking one 1,000mg immediate release capsule at bedtime. The flushing is intense for about 30mins than subsides. ... (2 replies)
... you'd end up making an immediate release out of it. ... (29 replies)
Lipitor or niacin?
Dec 21, 2004
... Oh, no fun! Well, just like a lot of medications, not everyone can take it. Did you use an immediate release product? ... (17 replies)
... Tmax. By the term "intermediate release," it is used herein to characterize the nicotinic acid formulations of the present invention which release their medication in vitro or in vivo over a period of time which is greater than about 1 to 2 hours, i.e. ... (22 replies)
... That is the same as my Doctor advised. He said I would have no issues with 2,000mg immediate release besides the flushing :mad:. I talked to him about this and he told me not to worry about any other side effects. What he did say however is to stay away from Slo-Niacin. When I began my Niacin therapy I asked him about Slo-Niacin and he said he would not allow me to take it.... (12 replies)
... counter niacin for dyslipidemia. ... (19 replies)
... In order to avoid or reduce the cutaneous flushing, a number of materials have been suggested for administration with an effective antihyperlipidemic amount of immediate release nicotinic acid, including guar gum in U.S. Pat. No. 4,956,252, and mineral salts as disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. ... (33 replies)
... My Doctor has me on a program right now trying To boost my HDL. Currently my HDL is at 42. I have been taking 1,000mg immediate release Niacin and got threw the headaches and flush. Now after one month on 1,000mg my body is used to it. ... (35 replies)
... release form of Niacin that some have had very good results with raising their HDL. ... (23 replies)

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