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... and continued the 1500 mg of niacin daily. ... (9 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 29, 2003
... The highlight is what I'd take heart with. I'd recommend back to the 10 mg. Lipitor and add fish oils to up the HDL and a test of some rather severe low carbbing to lower the triglycerides. ... (6 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 28, 2003
... total cholesterol was 351, triglycerides were 711, HDL was 39. After starting the 10 mg. Lipitor for 3 months, the total C dropped to 206, and the Trig. to 346, HDL was still 39, and LDL 98. By July '02, total C was 216, trig was 433, HDL was 37. ... (6 replies)

... THanks for the warning. I thought LONG and HARD about the risks of combining niacin with Lipitor. ... (17 replies)
... Have you considered niacin therapy? ... (3 replies)
... After lipitor my doctor switched me to 10mg of pravachol and approx. ... (29 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 23, 2003
... I wouldn't dream of combining that much niacin with that much Lipitor. I think you are asking for MAJOR problems. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, Niacin is the one vitamin that is shorted the most in the USA. Everyone should take at least the MDR. Lipitor does virtually nothing for triglycerides. ... (0 replies)
... I cannot say the effect of SLO NIACIN on my LDL because it is a pea shooter compared with the big guns of Lipitor 20 or even 10 mg. I have never taken the niacin alone except for a brief EXTREMELY short trial of straight niacin bvefore statins were invented... ... (3 replies)
... My mom experienced muscle pain, and lost her memory due to Lipitor. A major side effect of Lipitor is the depletion of CoQ10 in the brain. One day she just started forgetting everything, and walked around like an aimless zombie... ... (17 replies)
... poohed the idea, saying that won't help things, especially the liver, and the Niacin "flush" will drive me crazy. I'm not sure he's right on this based on what I've read. ... (9 replies)
Niacin and Lipitor
Dec 22, 2003
... y for 6 months. Before that, I was on Lipitor, starting with 10 mg, then 20, then 40, finally 80 without much success. Now the doc wants me to go back on 80 mg Lipitor along with the niacin. ... (6 replies)
... What dose of Niacin would you consider safe, and is the type you can get at "Wal-Mart" the right type or is there some more effective? (17 replies)
... I'll get tested again later to see if it's still good...if it is, may cut Lipitor back more to see if a lower dose along with Niacin continues to help. ... (6 replies)
Niacin Studies
Oct 16, 2006
... NIACIN with any extended release niacin product, or indeed, with Niaspan, but probably not the inositol hexanicotinoate product which is really a different molecule than niacin. ... (24 replies)
Lipitor---dry eyes
Apr 10, 2011
... More numbers from later in 09 after stopping lipitor, exetrol. And just being on niacin TC 202, HDL 46, LDL 139, Tris 84. ... (8 replies)
... in fact, it may be the best one. I noticed that your HDL is quite low. When it comes to raising HDL levels, niacin is the champion. Also, niacin has been shown to not only lower LDL, but also to increase LDL particle size, rendering it less harmful. ... (17 replies)
... Brendap, I took 10 mg of Lipitor for a few years and it did a great job of lowering the cholesterol and like you I wanted to save some money so asked to be switched to Lovastatin. ... (8 replies)
... ACE28, Are you saying that you have also been on Pravachol for the past 3 years, along with the niacin? Pravachol lowered my numbers about 6 years ago until I could hardly walk from the leg weakness and stopped taking it. (29 replies)
... Great to see the Lipitor is working for you and the tingling and muscle pains are going. Don't be too upset about the HDL, I'm sure the Niacin will help that, but at least the overall numbers have improved greatly. ... (16 replies)

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