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Sep 9, 2006
... most definitely can. That's not to say Niacin is free from any side effects. For instance, as a blood thinner, Niacin can increase the risk of bleeding.... although, the same can be said for aspirin. ... (13 replies)
... I do not believe I am loosing muscle as I am building muscle in doing power yoga and can see a difference in my tone. I work at a pharmacy and my PharmD thinks its a very stange blood test and suggested a retest. I have an appointment with a new doc tomorrow that will hopefully shed some light on the whole thing. I feel I am over what ever it was that was making me feel ill... (10 replies)
... point strongly to liver damage. BUT they can also show severe muscle damage. ... (10 replies)

... I keep seeing warnings to those on Niacin therapy for their cholesterol that they should use alcohol cautiously if at all. Does anyone know what the reasoning is behind this? ... (4 replies)
... I also believe they are effective. Your correct about monitoring the liver enzymes. It seems any Suspended Release or Extended release Niacin formulas carries a much greater risk of liver damage than plain Immediate Release. ... (47 replies)
... I would be very much obliged if one of the contributors posting on this thread stating that inositol hexanicotinate is more harmful to the liver than nicotinic acid would point me into the direction for confirmation of this. ... (12 replies)
... Niacin is not a statin. It is a B vitamin. While it may contribute to liver damage, it is not a statin. Maybe you are thinking of Red Yeast Rice, which in fact is a statin, albeit a natural one. ... (5 replies)
Niacin Question
Feb 5, 2013
... The tradeoffs I can see is a single dose will increase the flushing due to the longer period between dosages, but reduce the chance of liver damage due to the reduced metobolic time. I understand the risk is low with IR but lowering a risk is still a good thing. ... (3 replies)
... during the first pass metabolism. Slow release niacin is merely an attempt to reduce the number and intensity of flushing episodes. ... (3 replies)
... slow absorption, little or no flushing, more risk of liver damage...but still SLIGHT! ... (12 replies)
Liver problems
May 5, 2001
... I was on lipitor for 2 years and have the liver blood test every 3 months. I am told over time it can cause liver damage and only shows up in the blood test! once it shows up you can not correct the liver damage. ... (7 replies)
... release products causes liver damage? ... (15 replies)
... I have been contemplating for some time now to begin Niacin therapy to help my cholesterol levels. ... (5 replies)
Sep 3, 2006
... then you can look into a time release formulation which presents more risk of liver damage but causes very little flush. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks, Lenin, for finding that. So many places listed the potential for liver damage, but said nothing about possible muscle pain. Somehow I had a hunch, though, so I intended to keep looking. ... (9 replies)
Low Dose Niacin
Feb 7, 2005
... m skeptical of the claims though that the IHex is in any quantitative way different from the timed or slow release formulations which seems riskier in regard to liver damage. I have to be doubly vigilant because of the statin use. ... (19 replies)
... I really would hate to do this due to possible liver damage, I also take 2000 mgs of fish oil and 3000 mgs of standardized guggl lipid. It seems that my whole life revolves around taking pills. ... (6 replies)
... release form that contains a "unique" programmed release formula. It's much more expensive, but worth it if the concern over liver damage is there. ... (3 replies)
... From the Yale-New Haven Hospital site: (9 replies)
... Normally a person who is at risk or who have had an MI,they will want their LDL cholesterol to be 100 and below.Is it possible you misunderstood? (9 replies)

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