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... Mart and bought a bottle of time release Niacin and started at 1000 mg, worked up to 2000 mg. My next blood test, the nurse called and was yelling at me what the hell was I doing... ... (16 replies)
... Have you considered OTC supplements? ... (11 replies)
... cine prescribed by a doctor. The previous poster mentioned a product that is alternative. I used Red Yeast Rice and COQ10 to effectively reduce LDL. I used Flush Niacin to raise my HDL. I tale Krill oil for triglycerides. I also had genetically high cholesterol but my numbers are great with this regime. ... (7 replies)

... There is one thing you might ask for- a thyroid check. People who have low thyroid often have high cholesterol, and that is a simple blood test and relatively easy to treat if low. There are cholesterol meds other than the "statins" that could be taken. The statins are the ones commonly used that have gotten a bad rap from some of their side effects. One old but effective drug... (7 replies)
... My husband takes niacin. It works well. Nystatin is the prescription version, but we saw no difference between the script and the OTC. (3 replies)
... First post for me :) I was diagnosed with familial hypertriglyceridemia at age 25, 5'10, 210 pounds. Fasting levels for my triglycerides were >1500. My doctor jokingly thought I had eaten a tub of butter before the blood draw. Went through Tricor, Niaspan, various statins, miscellaneous over-the-counter remedies, other stuff I don't remember which made me nauseous or... (0 replies)
... FLush Niacin will raise HDL. ... (3 replies)
... Niaspan and the 'flushing''ll still get it. Sometimes I have to get up out of bed and go stick my head in the freezer until the feeling subsides. Luckily the intense burning feeling only lasts a couple of minutes, and is usually only bad for the first two weeks of taking the pills if I have been off them for a bit. (9 replies)
... Congratulations on lowering those numbers! On my first cholesterol test ever (spring '07), my TC was 239. I lowered it with diet and exercise to 196. My Dr. had recommended OTC niacin but I did not want to take any meds, if possible. (BTW..we are almost exactly the same size... I'm 5-4, 127 lbs) (4 replies)
... I was scheduled to get another cholesterol level in 3 months. Approx, 1 month before my test I decided to start taking Niacin 400 mg qd. ... (18 replies)
... No vic, you have that wrong. The duty of the FDA is to regulated the safety and efficacy of all drugs, and the safety of all foods, and food additives (as in color FDA Red #40 etc) and cosmetics. (I just read the statutes.) The mere fact that certain drugs require Rx's in no way changes the jurisdiction of the FDA. SUPPLEMENTS were specifically excluded by an act of... (15 replies)
... g, just like Lipitor. That's why it can make a claim that is CURES headaches and pain and PREVENTS heart disclaimers needed. Just because it is sold OTC doesn't take it out of the regulatory control of the FDA...same for naproxyn and ibuprofen. ... (15 replies)
... flush free niacin supplement. ... (1 replies)
Lipid Shield
Jan 27, 2007
... It is an OTC formulation that works by lowering cholesterol using plant sterols and stanols. ... (2 replies)
... o last year when I let her know I wasn't convinced it was necessary. I did, however, please her when the last test did come out TC 200 and LDL 101. I'm also on niacin therapy, though I take an OTC product. It sounds as though my risks are a bit higher than yours. ... (6 replies)
... d to try anything else while he still had any pain and he seems to have a marked sensitivity to anything that affects cholesterol at this point. He claims taking OTC beta sitosterol and Sytrinol would start the aching again. I found that hard to believe, but I respect his wishes as I was not the one in pain. ... (31 replies)
... Jane: I don't know what the Type IIA is for certain. However a phenotype is the apparance of an individual which results form the interactions of the person's genetic makeup and his/her environment. An example, if a childs genotype (genitic makeup) includes the gene for brittle bones, the brittle bones are the phenotype. Other words the phenotype is the obvious symptoms... (18 replies)
... released niacin and his liver enzymes. Now that he has started limited exercising that may help as well. ... (18 replies)
... The preliminary stuff: for the past 3 months, I've been suffering severe upper G.I. symptoms and after many tests and opinions from two gastroenterologists, I've been diagnosed with esophageal spasms, possibly aggravated by reflux. I seem to be improving since I began taking the antispasmodic drug Levsin. Because I noticed skipped heartbeats and my symptoms were... (9 replies)
... when you can get the same thing OTC for a nickel? ... (8 replies)

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