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... Every 3 months I keep wishing for a lipid panel that comes back with all numbers in normal ranges... ... (0 replies)
... What tests have you had during the past twelve months that prompts your doctor to diagnose Dyslipidemia and order a new lipid panel test? ... (6 replies)
... When one takes a strong drug like a statin one must be vigilant, one must test liver functions, serum CK, blood lipid levels, urine coonstituents... ... (42 replies)

... My high LDL's are up there 'I THINK' because I have been snacking A LOT lately on plenty of junk food. If it wasn't for surfing as much as I do, I think I would be in very bad shape. I do use olive oil when I do cook....but as I said, I snack alot because I am lazy :nono: . My weight fluctuates some times, but maintains at a range I prefer-170-175. As for my parents, I... (4 replies)
... LDL is the bad kind and you want that number to be low. That's the kind that clogs arteries and leads to heart disease. That's the part of your panel that looks pretty bad as it is well above the desirable range. ... (4 replies)
... I agree with the JohnR41 assessment of your lipid panel. In the US they use a somewhat different value system but the end result is the same. I think you need not continue to worry as your numbers do look good. ... (3 replies)
Vap Results
Feb 15, 2008
... test was part of a normal Lipid panel. I did however start taking large doses of vitamin C and Lysine per Linus Pauling research. ... (6 replies)
... that I'll be less tired from the break from work, and will feel like walking, swimming, biking, and that the levels will get closer to normal that way. So do the results look like they need immediate attention, as well as an expensive prescription? ... (6 replies)
... come up to normal levels! I've seen them. ... (42 replies)
... for a few days. Over a period of months, I increased that to 500 mg, then to 750 mg. I got no flushing with the increases, my liver enzymes are well within the normal range, and my lipid panel was much improved. ... (27 replies)
... Hello, I am new here. Here are my Lipid results from a few days ago: LIPID PANEL (80061)-IN OFFICE 2/18/2014 11:31 AM Panel/Test Value Unit Normal Range CHOL 303 mg/dL 0 - 200 (3 replies)
... I understand the lipoprotein test is better, and lab tests are probably better than home testing, but I want/need to monitor how well what I'm doing is working BETWEEN lab tests, and I really like this monitor. It's really motivating if you're seeing the numbers go in the right direction! It spurs you on to continue. And since what I'm doing is so rigid and detailed, I need... (5 replies)
... A standard lab lipid panel with a calculated LDL shouldn't be used in determining the need for statin therapy in my opinion. ... (10 replies)
... My Dr. said that I had a virus and that it would run its course. I insisted on blood work and my Comprehensive Metabolic Panel was normal except my AST was 63 and my ALT was 115. ... (10 replies)
... I have another appointment in 7 weeks to have another lipid panel done. I'll post an update once I get the results. ... (6 replies)
... e with over the counter Niacin. He said 'No Problem'. I hope that Niacin can help raise my HDL. Right now at 42 I am not confterble being just 2 points above the normal range and he agreed. My Doctor ordered another lipid panel for February as I just had one last month during my yearly check up. ... (34 replies)
... If you do a search on Google "How to Determine Your Cardiovascular Health" Dr. Mercola he has some very good info on the above lipid ratios and associated risk factors. ... (9 replies)
... and a bit of arthritis. I exercise 5 times a week doing strength and aerobics. I had my lipid panel done last week and my neurologist wants me to take a "statin" to lower my cholesterol. ... (17 replies)
... I had a fasting glucose test prior to that and it was 92. I am going to make an appointment with my new GP to order a new lipid panel with fasting. ... (12 replies)
... I eat like a normal person, no binge eating, no food or diet obsessions. ... (1 replies)

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