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... I agree with Deb...would not mix the two. I am going to ask my dr. about the Policosanal as I saw an article where it is now being advertised on tv? ... (6 replies)
... Hi Viper, I'm so sorry about the Policosanal not working for you. I'm curious as to why it seems to work for some and not others!!? ... (7 replies)
... Geez, sorry the Policosanal didn't do the job for you Vipper, I had high hopes it would. ... (7 replies)

... Hi...Just stopping by to say 'hi' I'm still taking the Policosanal. I have not had a lipid test done so I'm not sure what it's doing. I'm hoping and praying for great things!! How are you doing?? Viper, are you still taking the polico?? The only side effect I've noticed is I've had some weird dreams when I'm in a... (7 replies)
... Just got my second bottle , so far no side effects and I can honestly say I feel better now than I have in quite awhile . Don't know what the effects are yet as far as cholesterol , it will be a couple of months yet before another blood test . The policosanol I take also has Co Q10 in it so that may have some effect on how I feel also , but so far no side effects which is... (2 replies)
... I started this a couple of weeks ago and have not had any problems. I was using red yeast rice by after a couple of months I started to get hives. After I stopped the red yeast rice, the hives went away. It was too bad because when I started it along with Omega my TC went from 255 to 185 in six months. Once I stopped, my TC wentback to 225 in two months, so I am trying... (2 replies)
... I have been taking Zocor 20mg. Everything was high before taking it except my HDL. I just had blood work done and everything is normal except Tri's, they went from 580 to 325, still not normal. I eat no sweets, don't drink and on a low carb diet, I weight only 120 lbs. I do eat a lot of fruit though. I am going to stop the Zocor because of muscle aches and pain. My going... (6 replies)
... Yes you did answer on the last post and that is where i got in trouble, when i tried to respond,sorry about that. I'am going to try the policosanal tonight at bedtime, my triglcerides have always been the problem, even when my other numbers were fair to good, i have since cut down on the white stuff, my weakness was pasta's but use the browns now, i have been considering the... (4 replies)
Nov 20, 2003
... he distributors is actually the same as what is being used in these clinical tests. Almost all gugul clinical studies have been performed in India and almost all policosanal studies have been conducted in Cuba. Maybe what they are using is not what we are buying. ... (6 replies)
Red yeast rice
Sep 5, 2003
... thanks Doug, I read some other boards about policosanal. I looked up the red rice today and found the same info you did. I will look up the "poli" on the web too. (9 replies)
Jun 2, 2003
... I thought the purpose of taking the policosanal was to get off the statin? ... (39 replies)
... Have you ever tryed taking it by itself??? I am trying to get off the statin, and just use the policosanal??? thanks for your input! (2 replies)
... I did spend some time looking into policosanal and garlic etc, last evening. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Barb, Controlled scientific studies, published in refereed medical journals, show that 20 mg. daily of policosanal is just as effective as prescription statins, such as Lipitor, in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and more effective in raising HDL (good) cholesterol. Unlike prescription statins, which can have bad side effects, policosanol has only beneficial side effects.... (14 replies)
Oct 30, 2002
... Hi to Pcovers: Just curious, we wonder how you got your name, or can you tell us? Ha! We did go to the site today that you recommended for the policosanol and purchased that and than went back in and ordered "non flushing niacin". My husband was using time release niacin, but guess that actually has flushing, too, and the time release is not recommended too highly. ... (39 replies)
... I haven't seen many good reports about the Policosanal either, shame as I thought for sure it just might be something to look into. I'm at the point of almost just giving up and let the cards fall where they may. ... (11 replies)
... My hubby and I have just received our new numbers after 3 mos. of 20 mgs. a day. and to say the least, I'm a little disappointed. Mine are as follows: (9/01) TC 296 7/02 322 Hubby's 4/02 181 7/02 201 Trig 228 131 418 336 HDL 60 72 29 32 LDL 190 224 Off Scale 102 ... (11 replies)
... I will go look it up through a search engine. Are U still trying the Policosanal, or did U give up on that? I know it didn't show good results for you, so didn't know if you were going to keep trying it or not. JJ

(10 replies)

... If memory serves me right U were trying the Policosanal stuff, if so how is it doing, if not, how the heck are ya anyway!! LOL Don't mind me, I swear this ole gal is loseing it VERY rapidly. ... (5 replies)
May 9, 2002
... I know you've been trying the Policosanal and I'm wondering what, if anything, it has been doing for you. I'm also taking it but have not had blood tests....yet. Hope to hear from you soon. ... (0 replies)

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