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... release form of Niacin that some have had very good results with raising their HDL. ... (23 replies)
... I also believe that NIACIN helps. I am currently taking aprrox. ... (13 replies)
... this does not necessarily mean that you must take statins for the rest of your life. You are still young, and if I were you, I would inquire about first trying niacin instead. ... (10 replies)

Lab Numbers
Dec 4, 2002
... The thing about Niaspan,is 2 big reasons.The first is cost.Niaspan is by prescription and insurance covers it. ... (11 replies)
Zetia question?
Aug 30, 2007
... medicine, I found out that she was getting a new prescription for Zetia! ... (6 replies)
... Another alternative would be to ask your doctor about prescribing Niaspan, a prescription only niacin. ... (5 replies)
... Niaspan is just Prescription extended release Niacin... it causes way less flushing than immediate release niacin. I highly recommend it. ... (2 replies)
... It is disgusting how readily doctors' prescribe these statin drugs, even when only one of three health requirements for there prescription is met. ... (6 replies)
... About the only "natural" remedy to lower cholesterol is niacin. But taking the needed 2000 mg or more of niacin could hardly be called natural. ... (5 replies)
... s that it can cause flushing in some people. The poster 'Lenin' seems to have a rounded experience with niacin. Myself, I lucked out in that I have been taking prescription Niaspan and my cholesterol is now in the normal range... ... (6 replies)
Feb 21, 2007
... fatty acids. Both can be purchased at a wide variety of stores. Niacin causes severe flushing. In order to avoid this highly unpleasant side effect, take a baby aspirin 30 to 60 minutes before niacin and also take it with food. ... (8 replies)
... or flushing the first week, none thereafter. It costs me less than five dollars a month BUT be aware that one needs the same regular liver enzyme tests on an OTC niacin as on a prescription one. And, of course, an OTC product doesn't fall under the same requirements as FTC drugs. ... (8 replies)
... I find if I take to much niacin or niacin that is not flush free, I feel like my skin is burning ofF of my body and I get very red..... it's aweful!! (38 replies)
... Niacin therapy typically increases HDL while lowering LDL and trigs. That's why some doctors are now combining niacin therapy with a statin. I think there is one prescription med out now which combines the two. ... (10 replies)
Aug 17, 2003
... Don't confuse taking plain niacin or slow release niacin with Niaspan. Niaspan is the only FDA approved form of niacin for cholesterol treatment. Large doses of regular niacin can have serious side effects. ... (10 replies)
... when he suggested statins, I asked about this particular regimen. He smiled and said "Let's give it three months, then we will have you tested again". He put his prescription book away and wrote me out a test requisition dated a few months from now. He seems to think that the supplements along with exercise will do the trick. ... (3 replies)
... about a month ago I was told I had high cholesterol 310. and since I had elevated liver enzimes I would not be able to take the medication to lower the number. I have Started eating better and eating walnuts every day. I have also started to take metamucil, garlic pills, 2 tsp of oatmeal. My cholesterol level has gone down 30 pts to 280, in one month. Now I have found... (0 replies)
Mar 10, 2008
... I noticed that the cost of prescription niaspan is pretty high compared to over the counter niacin. ... (3 replies)
... and my triglycerides went down instead of up. Anyway, I had to reduce the Niacin I took from 1500 mg to 500 mg because it was resulting in elevated bilirubin and wreaking havoc on my hepatic panel. ... (12 replies)
Dec 20, 2000
... Is Niaspan a prescription form of niacin ? ... (0 replies)

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