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... Too many side effects when I took prescription statins. ... (12 replies)
... proven with placebo trials, his attitutude is luke warm. I know he is not a big fan of Niacin or of taking Fish Oil. ... (16 replies)
... I'm not so sure that the Flush free Niacin is effective. ... (13 replies)

New numbers
Jun 4, 2009
... If going the statin route, I do like RYR a lot better than prescription forms. Although it may not be strong enough for everyone. ... (12 replies)
... based prescription drug. ... (20 replies)
... it. The only medication that is proven to raise HDL is Niacin. Immediate release is best, but most folks can't handle the flushing these causes. Niaspan is a prescription version of niacin with less of the side effect, flushing, than immediate release niacin. ... (5 replies)
... The best bet for raising HDL and lowering triglicerides is niacin. There is nothing better. Niacin is about the only thing available to raise HDL. ... (7 replies)
... niacin at all. Probably why most people hate niacin... the OTC niacin flushing can be extremely unbareable. It was for me. I didn't last more than a week on it. ... (15 replies)
... If you are adverse to statins, and are already taking niacin (Vitamin B3), why not consider increasing your niacin or if necessary going with the prescription brand of niacin (Niaspan)? Your low HDL is probably more likely to kill you than your slightly high LDL. The closer you can get that HDL to 60 the better off you will be. Personally, I think 73 is way too young to... (4 replies)
Lower Numbers??
Dec 13, 2006
... If you know of any evidence that people with heart disease taking niacin to raise their HDL have the same rate of death as those in the Pfizer study, I'd sure like to see it. ... (24 replies)
... Judge, since you flushed with NIASPAN at 1000 mg., why not instead try the hexanicotinoate or, as I do, a SLOW ACTING OTC formulation like SLO NIACIN, made up of teeny polygel encapsulated particles that dissolve slowly. Both alternatives as FAR cheaper than the overpriced NIASPAN...and don't be fooled by the fact that Niaspan is "prescription"'s just another extended... (14 replies)
... and even though i took an aspirin with it...i would sometimes flush in the evening, in the afternoon..various times, not everyday.. even though i took the niacin in the morning with an aspirin. In a month and a half it lowered my cholesterol 20 points.. ... (26 replies)
... unately for many the issue boils down to genetics, and lifestyle and diet changes don't have the desired result no matter how hard the person tries. It's either prescription drugs or supplements for these individuals. ... (21 replies)
... but it did nothing for your HDL. With that in mind, I believe that niacin would be far more appropriate for you, since nothing does as good a job at raising HDL than niacin. ... (24 replies)
... mg a day. A flush free niacin may not be the most effective therapy in any case. A better choice is Niaspan but that requires a prescription. ... (38 replies)
... treat. Niacin is available OTC, so you don't need a prescription. But please, please, please check with your doctor and have a liver enzyme test before beginning therapy. ... (9 replies)
... Exercise is good to lower the trigs. There are many supplements that are supposed to help lower trigs, along with niacin. There is a prescription drug call Niaspan, that is slow released niacin. Your liver enzymes need to be checked if you take it, or if you take a high dosage of otc niacin. ... (12 replies)
... ms to me that it's not the TC and LDL that needs fixing, but the HDL and triglycerides. Zocor isn't going to do very much for HDL or triglycerides. Yeah, I think niacin would have made much more sense. It is far more effective at raising HDL levels and promoting a favorable shift towards large LDL particle size. ... (6 replies)
... gram per day is effective in some people. To avoid the nasty niacin flush, it is best to use a time release niacin which usually gives a mild tingle. ... (10 replies)
... dL. Tricol reduces the TG wonderfully and helps minimally with HDL. Niacin does wonders to HDL and helps some with lowering TG. My personal preference was to get active, lose weight and take Niaspan. ... (21 replies)

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