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... Have you tried Niaspan. This is a prescription form of Niacin. The side effects are much less than Niacin. Flushing is the side effect most common. If you can tolerate it for awhile it usually goes away. ... (4 replies)
... with flush Niacin, that is. It isn't my only protocal, but I have never taken any prescription drugs for high cholesterol. Does anyone know if Niacin is hard on the liver? ... (34 replies)
... Three alternatives to lower cholesterol without prescription you could research on the internet: 1. Niacin Therapy 2. Phytosterols (plant waxes) 2. Esterin Process Alfala (saponins of alfalfa) The niacin is well documented and the no-flush type has been shown to be as effective as regular niacin (15 replies)

... I understand your reluctance to rush right out to the nearest drugstore to obtain a prescription for a potent statin drug. ... (2 replies)
... That is a very low dose of flush Niacin. You could try very slowly ramping it up until, eventually, you're at 1200 to 1500 mg. You can take this in divided doses AM and PM. This would help to raise your HDL. To further lower your LDL you could try adding Red Yeast Rice 1200mg along with your COQ10. Nature's Plus is free of citrinin. Tess (13 replies)
Jun 29, 2010
... My prescription is for 2,500 mg. ... (19 replies)
... High dose niacin or prescription Niaspan may be a better option than a statin or a fibrate, as it will help raise HDL much better than any other drug. But only take niacin under a doctor's care. ... (20 replies)
... Hello, When should I measure my cholesterol? Can it be measured at any time or is it best before breakfest? I am unsure what my original numbers were at the doctors office but they wanted me to get my dhl below 100. I have slightly changed my diet and started taking the following viatamins and minerals; Omega 3 with DHA, grape seed extract, and phytosterols. I do not... (3 replies)
Higher cholesterol
Feb 10, 2008
... There are other medications besides niacin and statins for triglyceride problems, like fibrates, but their mortality rates frankly stink. ... (12 replies)
... Lutheran, CRESTOR will definitely help lower inflammation and your blood CRP level, which is a strong indicator of inflammation. Vitamin C (approx. 1000 mg+ a day) will address many of your concerns. Vitamin C has been studied for almost every health condition from Cancer to Heart disease with very positive results. Note: Magnesium is also known to help with many... (15 replies)
... without your dr giving you the go ahead. Niaspan is a prescription so hopefully your dr would just give you one or the other. Actually, Niaspan is much more beneficial for HDL, which seems to be your issue. ... (16 replies)
... along with your other medications... I believe you can. Niacin is the best remedy for raising HDL and lowering triglicerides... although Tricor is great at lowering triglycerides as well. ... (12 replies)
... A very useful benchmark - thanks! (6 replies)
... The medication that I have had the best luck with is Niaspan... a prescription form of niacin, wich is just vitamin B3. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for your response. I am happy that Red yeast Rice has worked well for you as too! I have been on it for three years and it has kept me off of taking any prescription statins. I am currently on 1,000mg immediate release Niacin at bed time to help boost my HDL. Right now my HDL is at 42. My LDL is at 75 and Trig are at 83. ... (35 replies)
... ers are not bad over all you just need some minor improvements. To get your LDL down most Doctor's will prescribe a statin and to improve your HDL and lower trig Niacin works very well as well as regular exercise. I think that Niaspan would work great for you. It is time released Niacin available by prescription only. ... (6 replies)
... is good. I am going to discuss with my Doctor. I spoke with my Doctor two weeks ago very briefly over the phone and he said it was fine for me to take 1,000mg of niacin a day but I forgot to ask him if I could take it with Red Yeast Rice. ... (34 replies)
Niaspan ?
Sep 14, 2007
... my doc gave me a prescription for Lipitor and I threw it out. ... (13 replies)
... I tried a prescription Bile acid sequestrants... but you had to take about 16 pills a day at intervals. ... (40 replies)
... My Total-C was 328 18 months ago. It's at 195 now. All owed to niacin. BTW... losing weight and exercizing is great and I encourage you to continue... but thinking that will lower your cholesterol may give you gfalse hopes. Cutting out foods with cholesterol did not hep one bit. In fact, it got worse. I did not eat any animal product or meat or cheeze for about a... (6 replies)

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