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... I presume you are referring to the two study results of 2014 using the prescription drugs, Tredaptive and Niaspan. ... (10 replies)
... was high. He is to have his blood checked again in a few months...maybe then he will be put on a prescription if it is still high. Right now he is taking flaxseed oil, fish oil, and niacin. ... (12 replies)
Niaspan absorption
Mar 25, 2009
... For better absorbtion you can take the Niaspan with a light snack. In regard to the high triglycerides there is a prescription Omega3 fish oil now available called LOVAZA which can lower triglycerides dramatically, especially when combined with Niacin. ... (1 replies)

... Niaspan is NOT a statin. It is vitamin B3... also known as niacin. It's a water soluble vitamin... you pee out what your body can't use. It's really more of a prescription supplement than a medication, per say. ... (7 replies)
... Red yeast Rice for the past three years. I have had no issues no side effects it has kept me from taking any prescription statins. At first my Doctor advised me to take Red yeast Rice 1,200mg twice daily for six months. I am very happy I did and it has worked great! ... (34 replies)
... like it is". My wife has high cholesterol and has tried the statins and too many side effects. She also has trouble swallowing large pills..She has a one month prescription for 500 mg. of niaspan. It is pretty well the last medication left on the shelf for her. ... (40 replies)
... Some ideas; * I'd get a new doctor that is proficient in his job. * With good numbers like that, if it was me, I'd wean off that drug and start a good dietary supplement regimen, ie vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 {4 - 8 grams}, experiment with some amino acids and anti-oxidants, try some herbs, etc. (9 replies)
... I do not want him to double his dose from 10 mg to 20 mg and see no reason to do so. But when we picked up his new prescription we found it was 20 mg. ... (9 replies)
... I am on a prescription brand called "NIACOR" which is an Immediate Release form. NIACOR will make you flush more etc.. ... (17 replies)
Aug 4, 2004
... I spoke with a friend of mine, an elderly woman who went to the doctor last week and he changed her Lipitor prescription for NO reason at all to VYTORIN. Of course, I scratched my head, never having heard of the pill. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a 30 year old male, 6' 180lbs, exercise regularly, don't drink or smoke, great diet. BP today was 124/60 Just had my first cholesterol test(fasted) since... probably a child.. and was kind of shocked by the results; Total: 341 HDL: 49 TRIG: 49 LDL: 255 (6 replies)
... UPDATE: I'm off Crestor for about 7-8 weeks now and I've been taking RYR for three weeks (1,200 mg Nature's Plus) and I'm taking the prescription fish oil (Vascepa), 1 SloNiacin daily, and CoQ10. Here are my results: Total Cholesteral 181 Trig 183 HDL 41 LDL (calc) 103 These numbers aren't horrible, but... (13 replies)
... Thanks. I certainly would not describe the soreness I experienced while taking Crestor as "severe muscle pain and weakness." If anything, it's mild soreness and it was never bad enough for me to complain until I started wondering about it after reading up on statins side effects. In any event, I'm going to try the Red Yeast, Niacin, and keep taking the Vascepa... (13 replies)
... e Crestor. The question is whether to get back on Crestor or live with my numbers and keep working out and watching my diet. I have been taking 250 mg of flush Niacin and the prescription strength fish oil every day even after going off of the Crestor. I also have been taking CoQ10 and a baby aspirin every day. ... (13 replies)
... So now I have to face this man and his prescription pad again. ... (16 replies)
... lipid numbers. My overall cholesteral was near 200 but lipids were a little out of whack so he prescribed Crestor and told me to take Niacin every day. My prescription ran out around Christmas 2013 so I hadn't taken the Crestor for about two weeks prior to Monday's test. ... (13 replies)
... My husband takes niacin. It works well. Nystatin is the prescription version, but we saw no difference between the script and the OTC. ... (3 replies)
... There are other cholesterol lowering agents you can try before Lipitor. Did your doctor suggest trying over the counter niacin or prescription Niaspan? ... (3 replies)
... results similar to that of Niaspan, slightly inferior. But these capsules were once unavailable and I stopped it. Later, I tried it but didn't work so went to Niacin and then to Niaspan. ... (0 replies)
My numbers
Sep 14, 2011
... I don't blame you for not wanting to go on statins, especially since other family members have had problems. Instead, why not ask your doctor about Niaspan, a prescription form of niacin. That can lower LDL and increase HDL too! If I were you, that's what I would want to try. ... (3 replies)

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