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... I have been taking Niacin for 10 years now and it does work. You should really consult your physician though as you need a liver enzyme test to get a base line before you start. ... (34 replies)
... Lenin, I've never heard of that brand, but the name alone (PIONEER) does sound ancient :D . You've had this stuff laying around for 15 years? I don't think I've ever taken anything that was that old, except maybe my beloved J. Haig & Co. Dimple Pinch scotch, which is 15 years old :D . Anyway, since you are still experiencing a flush from your niacin, there must still be... (34 replies)
... I am currently using an ANCIENT big bottle of 500 mg. niacin that has a yellowing PIONEER BRAND on it. ... (34 replies)

... Lenin, Don't become too impatient with the relatively small short-term effects it has had on your HDL. It takes time. I think that the longer you take it the more you will likely benefit. At least, that's been my experience, and I've been taking it for about 20 years already. I think you must be taking the same brand of niacin that I take (Puritan's Pride 250mg?). Since... (34 replies)
... I'm in the same boat and I must work like the Dickens to keep my HDL out of the 30's. Before the Lipitor it was 28 for me but the statin got me 7 points. Sousing can get me into the high 50's but that isn't really an option anymore. I think I'm gettin a LITTLE boost (maber 4-5 points) from the low dose niacin (averaging about 500 mg/day quick hit.) This week I'll try... (34 replies)
... Lenin, I will definitely post my results. I'm starting off very slowly (250mg/day) to let my body get used to it. If I don't get a significant improvement in HDL, I'll consider upping it to 500mg/day - and see if I can tolerate it. I don't think I'd want to go beyond 750mg/day. There are lots of warnings about using Niacin in 'therapeutic' dosages (1000+mg/day) - so... (34 replies)
... Agree with that one. I wouldn't take it. Look for a different solution. (34 replies)
... If the angioedema took 2 days to recover, I would NEVER take ANY niacin again. The risk is too great and sometimes the first dose is sensitizing and the second is a killer. ... (34 replies)
... Hmmm, I broke 200 tablets of 500 mg. niacin into 4 pieces each with MUCH WORK for a total of 800 pieces... ... (34 replies)
... I'm using an ANCIENT bottle of Pioneer Brand 500 mg. straight VERY flushing niacin from GNC...must be 15 years old or older! ... (34 replies)
May 25, 2004
... If you copy and past the following URL in your web browser, it will display a PDF chart that compares various statins and prescription niacin. The chart contains data that describe the expected impact on various lipid levels. ... (5 replies)
... Oh I have LOTS of dizepam in the closet...but that's MY prescription:D. I think it's a wonder drug too. I take it sparingly so that it keeps on working as long as I do. (34 replies)
... I've been taking NIACIN immediate release for approx. 6 years. Doses ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 mg daily. I am now taking a prescription immediate release Niacin called NIACOR. ... (10 replies)
... in the Kyolic is also a big plus. If you have prescription Insurance I would definitely ask your doctor to prescribe LOVAZA. The price of LOVAZA is approx. 125. ... (20 replies)
... I take one twin labs 1,000mg capsule at bed time. Niaspan is time released Niacin available by prescription only. ... (23 replies)
... release niacin for over two years. Costs me around five dollars a month. ... (28 replies)
... Of course NIASPAN which is Extended Release and Lab tested to precise standards has not caused these liver problems. NIASPAN is also very expensive. If you have Prescription Insurance this is not a concern. ... (9 replies)
Niaspan vs. Niacin
Jul 13, 2006
... release OTC niacin instead. I've had no problems with liver enzyme elevation whatsoever in the 38 months I've been on it. I've only been taking 750 mg, though. ... (5 replies)
... mg a day. I once took several OTC niacin products with very poor blood test results. Some products gave me no flush at all. The prescription NIACOR gave me better and more consistent results. ... (29 replies)
My results
May 11, 2005
... I take a prescription NIACIN brand called "NIACOR" 500 mg tabs (I believe it is the only Immediate release prescription brand). I found this to be the cheapest. ( I only pay a $20.00 copay for 3 months X 3,000 mg a day) My doctor did not really care what brand I used. I also purchase brands such as TWINLAB, CARLSON and PURITAN'S PRIDE when they are on sale. I sometimes... (31 replies)

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