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... Well, this is one contest I didn't want to win, but it looks like I am. Hi folks, new to the board. To say I'm scared is an understatement. I am 47, diabetic (Type 1), have been for 23 years. I have a heavy history of heart disease in my family. I was having shortness of breath, went for a full workup, and got bad news. I have a calcium score of 640. My total... (6 replies)
... I downloaded some of the information you posted a couple of years ago and found it very informative. From what I remember, you were able to eliminate prescription meds? ... (8 replies)
... Sasham, Did you use over-the-counter niacin, or prescription niacin (Niaspan)? I've heard that the over-the-counter stuff doesn't do much, but I'm not really sure about that. Thanks, Al (12 replies)

... Arizona77, can you please tell me if it matters what brand of "immediate release" niacin you are taking? ... (23 replies)
... Thanks - ok I guess I should have mentioned that I was on Vytorin for a short time before, but my liver enzymes went up so high that I had to be taken off (we're talking I had a liver ultrasound they were so high) My Doc said she wanted me to try fish oil eery day before I go on meds again. We're going to check it again in 6 months, but until then, I'm to try diet and... (6 replies)
... I'm sure you will need some other suplement like niacin or fish oil or flax seed. ... (6 replies)
... Consider Niaspan (prescription extended release niacin)... you may be able to eliminate RYR and statins completely. I achieved way better results from Niaspan than I ever achieved from years of statins... 50% reduction in my cholesterol numbers. Maybe you would achieve the same results. You never know until you try. Good luck. :) (11 replies)
... Niaspan is prescription extended release niacin. ... (5 replies)
Low Dose Niacin
Feb 9, 2005
... jtu91952, No, Niaspan cannot be purchased over the counter. Don't ask me why. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I guess they figure they can reap bigger profits by making it available only through prescription, and more doctors would be willing to prescribe it, since it is an FDA controlled drug. But it's still just an extended-release form of niacin, although its... (19 replies)
... And when the higher doses of niacin are banned as OTC products, I will have to pay more than ten times as much to get the same result from a prescription niacin. For what? ... (13 replies)
Oct 2, 2003
... The oat bran may possibly help by absorbing some of the cholesterol from the intestine. To what extent it may help, I don't know. If your doctor feels you need to take something for your cholesterol, I would suggest you ask him about Niaspan(prescription niacin)instead of a statin drug. Also, you really should have your LDL measured. By that I mean that you should have it... (1 replies)
... Other non-prescription options for your cholesterol that are proven with published clinical studies are Pytosterols and stanols, pantethine, red yeast rice, and omega 3s. The challenge is to find a reliable manufacturer for each of these products, and to understand what dose you are getting. (47 replies)
... My doctor tested me recently for my Vitamin D level. My level of 20 was almost at a deficiency level. He told me the importance of Vitamin D and how Calcium buildup can be a problem. He told me to begin taking a Vitamin D supplement and later on be tested again. I never thought I could be deficient with this Vitamin. I eat good, spend lot's of time in the sun, I take Vitamin... (7 replies)
... Taffyboyo, you are the best! No, she is not "the enemy within" but her father might be. I love him to death but you see he is a retired heart surgeon who has is own share of health issues at 82 yrs. old. Since my wife shares his gene pool, she shares his beliefs about the many wonderful prescription drugs that are on the market today (not that there is anything wrong with... (10 replies)
... What is of concearn to me is that this is available over the counter, with no prescription and in the vitamin aisle. I spoke with OH and he suggested that they had dosages of 500mgs 'on the shelf'. ... (10 replies)
... into the normal range. The only medication to ever do this, and the side effects are minimal. Niaspan is just prescription niacin. ... (13 replies)
... er having a stent put in, my heart specialist told me never to take over the counter niacine, it would just make things worse, if i wanted he would of given me a prescription fot niacine and he said it wouldn't take a very high dose, I opt. ... (3 replies)
... The prescription for Niaspan is to only take it at bedtime. ... (11 replies)
... If you have insurance... ask you Doctor for a prescription os Niaspan... it's extended release and is not known to to cause liver problems for most... and reduces significantly any flushing... ... (23 replies)
... Thanks... I have always tried nearly every medication for a time that my Doctors have prescribed to me... I believe in giving them all a chance, unless I read some horror side effects from folks... like with my most recent prescription for beta-blockers to control high blood pressure. That sounds like one nasty medication all around the horn unless you are so messed up... (17 replies)

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