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... Triglycerides, another fatty substance that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, are too high if they're over 150. ... (6 replies)
... No indication is given here concerning how fat and carbs varied in the 3 different diets. Does a high protein diet necessarily mean a low carb diet? ... (9 replies)
... My consultant here in the UK informed me twelve months ago that lipid ratios have now been found to be more accurate for determining future heart problems instead of the lipid panel individual results. ... (1 replies)

... eeing a new doctor as I have moved and she freaked about these results wanting to put me on meds. I flat out refuse. After doing my own research I believe having high cholesterol but good ratios is not a dangerous thing. ... (2 replies)
... To me, these numbers do not look alarming and in need of a statin, unless you have other heart related problems. Your Triglycerides are high and you could work on lowering that number. Are you taking fish oil? ... (1 replies)
... Ratios of 4 is high, and 6 being very high risk. ... (10 replies)
... That's exactly what I was thinking! There might NOT BE A LINEAR relationship as to the "scavaging" efficacy of HDL as the LDL gets down to very low levels. I still think keeping the HDL as high as possible is always a good thing, but given a choice..I'll take a very low LDL any day. ... (38 replies)
... Better yet cut and paste Arkie's response and show it to your doctor, Arkie gave you some excellent info. The only thing that I can add is that a low carb diet usually shows results after about six months, but your numbers weren't that high to begin with. ... (5 replies)
Jul 22, 2008
... It's strange how the guidelines for the introduction of statin therapy varies so much in the USA to those over here. The following info is a UK GP's guideline for the onset of Statin therapy. The following guideline is used by a UK doctor for patients with no other health problems. The LDL/HDL ratio is the more important ratio than total cholesterol/HDL because LDL is... (4 replies)
... oach for lipid risk assessment. This ratio reflects two powerful components of risk. A high total cholesterol is a marker for atherogenic lipoproteins, whereas a low HDL cholesterol correlates with the multiple risk factors of the metabolic syndrome and probably imparts some independent risk. ... (38 replies)
High cholestrol
Sep 3, 2015
... mg EPA and 340mg DHA. Do not take more than 3 grams of this product per day as the blood will become too thin and may cause stomach upsets. If you are consuming high daily intakes of Omega 6, then lower its intake to around the same as Omega 3. ... (7 replies)
... Your Triglyceride of 207 is HIGH RISK. ... (3 replies)
... hyroidism, if that's what your problem is. Usually, triglycerides can be lowered by reducing your carbohydrate and sugar intake. Of particular importance are the high glycemic carbs, such as starches like breads, pasta, potatoes, corn, etc, and many of the snack foods out there. ... (8 replies)
... range LDL cholesterol but low HDL cholesterol and high triglycerides. ... (38 replies)
... fat high carb diet promotes weight gain and abnormal lipid levels. ... (38 replies)
... dL, indicating that such low levels are safe. Moreover, persons who have extremely low levels of LDL throughout life due to familial hypobetalipoproteinemia have documented longevity. ... (38 replies)
... Yes and no. Will a low fat diet? ... (6 replies)
... I do know what you are saying, and agree with you, but here is the thing with me. I have been eating a high fat diet already. ... (5 replies)
... Your ratios are excellent. ... (9 replies)
... I believe that a high HDL is partly determined by genetics, but that diet can also have a significant influence. ... (9 replies)

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